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Category: Government

Government evils — but I repeat myself

The first pebbles have shaken loose and are clattering down ahead of the landslide

By now you’ve heard. Maybe you tracked yesterday’s events live on Telegram or X. However and wherever you heard, what happened yesterday afternoon and evening was monumental. IS monumental — even if, as we cynics must always note — it contains as much performance and politicking as true defiance. Although I still, and always, hope there’s no shooting war between freedomistas and domestic tyrants, safe to say the long, unendurable, seemingly endless Awkward Stage is over. —– Yesterday … First came Texas governor Gregg Abbott, not only keeping his word — a rare enough thing for a politician — but…


Yes. I am.

That’s the answer. The question (asked on X by a podcaster and conveyed to me by Bill St. Clair) was, “Is Claire Wolfe still alive?” Bill told the inquirer that I was not only alive but still operating and posting on The Living Freedom Forums. Then he politely suggested to me that I should inform the wider world. So here’s “proof of life,” as Bill put it, and I hope to remain among the living for a long time to come. Since I’m here to announce the (hopefully) welcome news, I’ll take the opportunity to ramble a bit. —– The…


How “Just Waiting,” “Comrade X,” and Small-Town Power Saved the Day, Part II

See Part I here. The Action, continued Comrade X began emailing Just Waiting’s publicly available, but largely hidden, information to contacts around the county. Immediately, he got pushback from the local Republican Party, which told him they thought the homeless housing could benefit the community. “Then I realized where the problem was,” CX admits wryly. He decided that if established powers weren’t going to act, he’d have to do it on his own. Or rather, not on his own but with the help of other grassroots actors. JW was integral, keeping CX up-to-date on the calls coming in and the…


How “Just Waiting,” “Comrade X,” and Small-Town Power Saved the Day, Part I

I don’t usually write about within-the-system political actions. Most are a waste of time. This was such a successful exception, performed at the local level, and with such Freedom Outlaw panache, that I thought the action and its perpetrators deserve a tip o’ the hat. —– Longtime blog Commentariat members and freedomistas Just Waiting (JW) and Comrade X (CX) both moved to a small town in a quiet, obscure county in the State of Jefferson. They arrived separately, from different sinkholes of statism. Both were seeking freedom. Each had his own intensely political past — one as a tough, scruffy…


A great big mea culpa to (almost) all conspiracy theorists everywhere

Older readers may remember the Illuminatus! trilogy by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson. First published in 1975, but clearly a product of the wild 1960s, it’s a mad, non-linear romp through political conspiracy theories, drugs, sex, and pretty much anything else you want to read into it. It begins with the assumption that every single conspiracy theory about the assassination of President Kennedy is absolutely true, then goes on to encompass the birth of the Illuminati in 1776, ancient Egyptians, John Dillinger, the American Medical Association, and the thoughts of a squirrel in New York City. Among other weirdness.…


A ramble through the collapsing oligarchy

(H/T Brad; from the early days of the convoy, but forever heartening) The aristos are scared. Question is: Are they scared enough? That is, do they finally realize it’s time — and past time — to heed the pleas of the peasants? Answer (of course): No. Sure, some of the lower level, more directly accountable ones — provincial and state governors — are grudgingly getting the message. (Thank you, Canadian truckers.) At higher levels, they still seem to think, as aristos always think, that a vigorous ass-kicking or a handy war will put an end to the uppitiness and afterward…


Read this book because you’ll hate it

The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr A review. Thank you to longtime reader RW for the gift of this book. —– This is the book that should put Anthony Fauci in prison. Not just Fauci, but dozens, if not hundreds, of corrupt, lying, death-dealing, condescending, authoritarian high-level “experts” who have wrecked the health of potentially millions of people, experimented on children and pregnant women, killed unknown numbers, and are destroying the last remaining trust in medical systems worldwide. Problem is, this is the book…


Violence, fantasy and reality:
Where does it go from here?
Part I

The other day I witnessed a conversation I could never have imagined. Picture two successful professionals, thoroughly decent people, respected (perhaps even revered) in their fields. Intelligent, moderate individuals, but outside what was once the political mainstream. They relax over glasses of wine, discussing a certain prominent “public health expert.” They discuss whether prison is too good for said expert, or whether dragging him behind a mule cart, drawing, castrating, quartering, and placing his head on a pike in a public square is more appropriate. And no, they hadn’t had that much wine. Both were embarrassed by their own words.…


We are — suddenly — not alone

I’m pausing the “Our job” series to talk about what’s going on now, which is so bad it might become good. —– When you thought about your line in the sand I’ll bet you never thought about this. I bet you thought about gun confiscation or internment camps or invasion by blue-helmeted “peacekeepers.” Maybe you believed your line in the sand would be reached if your religion was outlawed or your son or daughter was drafted to fight in one of the empire’s future foreign wars. Your personal line in the sand could be any one, or two, or three…


Our job, part II-b: Cracks and opportunities in the medical system

Note: I would be very glad to have experienced health-care workers jump into comments with any additions, corrections (however savage), reality checks, bright ideas, personal insights, or other forms of enlightenment. —– One thing about the hardest systems to route around: Being HARD, lacking flexibility, they develop a lot of cracks. Take a look at any heavily institutionalized or subsidized medical system. I’ll use the U.S. system because the U.S. is home-not-so-sweet-home. But despite the claims that various socialized systems (e.g. Canada’s and the UK’s) are inherently better, many of the same or equally awful drawbacks apply to them. We…