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Category: Government

Government evils — but I repeat myself

Thursday links

  • Americans’ deep, deep concern over Russia’s corruption of U.S. elections: 1% and falling.
  • On one street (of government-owned homes) in Detroit.
  • How come creepy ‘crats (or in this case their lawyers) always use that line about how [whatever thing they did] “doesn’t reflect who they are as a person”? What the heck else could it possibly reflect? Who their third cousin is? Who they are as a cockroach? Whot? 8 Comments
  • A weekend ramble

    First, a thank you and an apology I’ve been having trouble keeping life and the universe together lately, putting me behind in some crucial communications. I’m a week overdue to say thank you to SK and D3 (who know why). So thank you, D3 and SK, and I apologize for my belatedness. I also owe quite a few emails, which I may still be a while getting to. Into the woods for berries While working on a prospective writing project today I got a last-minute invitation from Furrydoc to gather early-season ground-creeper blackberries. I usually wait until August for the…


    Which is more dangerous to liberty?

    This question arose after discussion with a long-time reader. I think he and I will end up agreeing to disagree. What do you think? I hope you’ll also elaborate on your reasons in the comment section. UPDATE: I have simplified the language of the first two questions. One person said the original wording* was biased and editorializing. I suspect another might say the same, but in the opposite direction. So I stripped the wording down to bare essentials. If anyone wants to change their original answer because they believe my original wording nudged them in one direction or another, I’ll…