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Category: Guns and Gun Rights

Of course.

More on Susan

People have been asking about memorial services, sending flowers, and other actions to honor MamaLiberty’s memory. Susan’s sister Sandra has been kind enough to give me some information. There will be no service. Susan will be cremated and her ashes scattered. There’s no good place to send flowers, but there are plenty of other ways to honor ML. Sandra writes, “Her friends are welcome to hold whatever [memorial service] they would like to; I know she would appreciate it. Go to the gun range and shoot some rounds in her memory. LOL LOL.” Yeah, Susan would definitely appreciate us going…


More good news: Cody Wilson wins

Cody Wilson — of Defense Distributed and 3D-printed gun fame — has won his multi-year battle with the federal government. The fundamental question is whether making 3D models of gun components available online is covered by the free speech rights granted by the First Amendment. This is a timely but complex conflict because it touches on two themes that happen to be, for many, ethically contradictory. Arguments for tighter restrictions on firearms are, in this case, directly opposed to arguments for the unfettered exchange of information on the internet. It’s hard to advocate for both here: restricting firearms and restricting…


A weekend ramble

First, a thank you and an apology I’ve been having trouble keeping life and the universe together lately, putting me behind in some crucial communications. I’m a week overdue to say thank you to SK and D3 (who know why). So thank you, D3 and SK, and I apologize for my belatedness. I also owe quite a few emails, which I may still be a while getting to. Into the woods for berries While working on a prospective writing project today I got a last-minute invitation from Furrydoc to gather early-season ground-creeper blackberries. I usually wait until August for the…


Some things are still worth celebrating

I wasn’t going to blog today because a) I don’t do “on demand” blogitude on special occasions and b) because the holiday formerly known as Independence Day has gotten so depressing. But I ran into this and remembered that some American traditions are still very much worth celebrating: H/T Never Yet Melted Bear’s got a good reminder, too.


If you thought mere anti-gun witch hunts were bad …

… wait ’til you see SWORD, the weapon-detecting smartphone case, currently available in vaporware. According to its maker’s claims (and we can assume “claims” is the operative word, thank heaven), the SWORD allows its holder to scan a person from up to 40 meters away to detect the presence of a hidden weapon. Not only that, it recognizes faces and compares them against a “watch list.” Apparently if it detects both weapon and facial threat it alerts a “security officer.” No word on whether a mere weapon or mere facial threat alone is sufficient to bring chaos down upon the…


Weekend links

  • The man who shot a rampaging carjacker outside a Washington state Walmart is a pastor and a paramedic who also gave first-aid to the most seriously wounded victim. (Via Zendo Deb)
  • The phone giants plan to stop selling your location data to third parties. Well, isn’t that wonderful of them. Why were they selling you out in the first place?
  • Another university — a biggie, Princeton — finally takes a stand for free speech. 6 Comments