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Category: Guns and Gun Rights

Of course.

Savage, Stamboulieh, and Codrea on the ATF and bump stocks

David Codrea, bless his always on-the-ball self, has taken a deep dive into ATF paperwork and surfaced again with hard questions for the infamous bureau and the Trump administration. The issue is bump stocks, the attempt to ban them — and more. David links to the original documents (FOIAed by wonder-attorney Stephen Stamboulieh) if you want to take that same dive. Note that the power of the names Savage and Stamboulieh (aided perhaps by a slight desire to dodge blame while throwing some other fedgov agency under a bus) pulled those 700+ pages of documents out of the ATF in…


Wednesday links

  • Panera Bread becomes the latest to give away data on millions of customers. Yet another unencrypted database. Yet another company that ignored warnings. Do these big corps hire actual IT professionals?
  • Jim Bovard on yet another round of FBI fails and the trial of Noor Salman.
  • Leave it to Not-So-Great Britain: 78-year-old man is arrested FOR MURDER after stabbing one of two home invaders to death with a screwdriver. Ban screwdrivers! 6 Comments
  • You know, whatever else you can say about David Hogg …

    He makes terrific meme material. With the help of readers, we’re doing a meme blast to help kick off Basics of Resistance. Joel (with inspiration from T.L. Free) made these two of that obnoxious 17-year old progressive fascist who suddenly considers himself a major national figure: If you’ve got a blog, FB page, Twitter or Gab account (or whatever), grab these and let ’em loose on the ‘Net. —– The other day Joel also posted this scarily natural Hogg video to the Cabal. Eerie, isn’t it, how easily Hogg falls into that role? YouTube has marked the video as “offensive”…


    Tuesday links

  • Doesn’t it just figure? One of the entertainers from Saturday’s anti-gun rally in DC has a recent firearm conviction on his record. It’s one of those “offenses” that shouldn’t be. But still. Hypocrisy, thy name is gun control.
  • Here’s another rapper who’s no hypocrite; he’s adamantly pro-gun and wonders why so-called progressives want to turn black people back into slaves.
  • Do you really expect men to take this new birth-control pill? 13 Comments
  • Why they imagine we’ll go quietly, I don’t know

    Okay, enough of the weekend’s peace and beauty. A D-party candidate for sheriff of Buncombe County, NC, has advocated killing people who own “military style” weapons. (H/T SS) Granted, that’s Asheville, which one Twitterer called called “San Francisco east”. It’s one loudmouth trolling for v*tes. Maybe he’s desperate. Maybe he’ll say anything. Maybe his blather means nothing. Except as one more tick on the clock of our times. Still, it’s clearer by the minute that what the regressives can’t win by law and sheepish obedience they intend to seize by violence. (By, of course, their guys with military-style weapons.) We’re…