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Two for MamaLiberty (one for the future)

I seldom do “sticky” posts, but I’m keeping this one at the top of the blog for the next 10 days or so. Scroll down for newer blogging. —– 1. An invitation to attend the scattering of Susan’s ashes Daniel Wiener, brother-in-law of Susan Callaway (the late MamaLiberty), posted this in comments: Sandi Wiener (Susan’s sister) and I will be in Newcastle [Wyoming] at the end of September (the 25th through the 27th), and during that time we’ll be spreading Susan’s ashes (probably on Wednesday, Sept. 26th). Susan was not much for ceremonies, and we won’t be having any big…

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Friday links

  • The Weather Channel creates an amazingly effective storm surge visualization.
  • “Who are the uninsured?” Some of this is blindingly obvious (Duh, of course they’re under 65. Because Medicare.) Go deeper and it’s another sign of just how UNprivileged working-class males are these days. (H/T DB)
  • Charles Hugh Smith says the next financial crisis is coming right on schedule.
  • This is from Bob Woodward’s new book, so take it with however much salt seems appropriate. But it does ring true: Trump wanted to print enough money to erase the national debt. (Tip o’ hat to MJR) 14 Comments
  • Monday links

  • All those NFL team owners and not a single spine among them. As I’ve said before, this isn’t about free speech or racism; it’s about employees misusing their employers’ time to damage their employers’ bottom line. And now about employers letting it happen. (H/T Shel in comments)
  • Equally unsurprising; there’s dissension in the ACLU over supporting free speech and free association for the NRA.
  • “F*** that gator,” has replaced “Hold my beer” as the national shorthand for Darwin-level stupidity. Apparently that’s very unkind of us. 9 Comments
  • Friday links

  • A rural town banded together to build a hospital. A larger hospital — and the government — stopped them.
  • Social media’s opaque response to evidence of bias.
  • Theranos, the multi-billion unicorn that billed itself as a revolutionary blood-testing company is closing its doors, valued at nearly nothing. (You want to read a really good book about how easy it is to fool lots of smart people? Check out Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup by John Carreyrou, the WJS reporter who exposed Theranos and its cultish leader, Elizabeth Holmes.) 13 Comments
  • DIY lesson #237684: Being stupid despite knowing better

    I could barely drag myself outside to work to work this morning. Partly that’s because today’s goal was 40 feet of continuous gutter, including two downspout drops and two outside corners and two glued connectors. I was apprehensive about doing that. It’s the longest span and it’s not a one-person task. Partly it’s just that I’m ready for The Big Break, which I can’t take until Friday when the rains come. At 10:00 a.m. I finally ran out of excuses. Out to the sunny south side I went. At first the main problem was me. I had the dropsies and…