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Category: Health and Science

The good news and the bad news

(I’ll let you decide which is which.) Although I have not yet been officially declared brain dead, I’m sure there’s panel being convened somewhere to discuss the issue. However, it appears that physically I still survive. —– I’ve thought for a long time now that getting old was a pretty cool thing. I’ve enjoyed the anonymity and the not giving a flying eff aspect of it. Not having to answer to anybody. Not being inspected for my sexual value as I walk down the street. Dressing as I please. Not much caring what others think. Hearing that the world is…


Still sick, but getting by with the usual help from my friends

I was snoozed out this morning about 10:00 when Ava started barking. I was too out of it to investigate, and in any case she didn’t seem particularly alarmed. I drifted back under. There must have been a knock on the door, but I missed it. Next thing I knew a little voice called from discreetly outside my bedroom: “Claire? Claire? It’s J. Are you alright?” Neighbor J and her daughter had read yesterday’s blog post, in which I said I was thinking about asking her to check in if I wasn’t feeling better today. And there they were. Her…


Feeling feeble

I apologize for the lack of blogging. I came down sick Friday night and despite attacking this pestilence with everything in the self-care arsenal, I’m absolutely flattened. Ava got only one short walk yesterday and is getting none today, which is nearly unheard of. I can’t sleep at night and can’t stay awake during the day. Everything aches. I haven’t got a shred of an appetite and never even finished my morning tea. I think this is just what my mother would have called a chest cold (aka bronchitis), but the cough is the least of it. My lack of…


Good news for Ava

This picture is almost seven years old. Ava’s a whole lot whiter around the muzzle now. But she’s been so puppylike lately, and today’s news was so hopeful, I thought it worked. Furrydoc got the kidney-function test results back ahead of schedule. I mentioned already that while the initial blood panel indicated 20-35% function remaining, a urine test (with no protein leaking into Ava’s pee, nearly normal specific gravity, and no sign of chronic infection) looked more hopeful. And so it was. This more sophisticated and specific test says Ava’s still got maybe 70-75% kidney function, putting her in stage…


Monday links

  • Despite backing off from movies, I agree with Aaron Harris that freedomistas should see Little Pink House, the tale of Susette Kelo. If you’re not up for the movie, the book by Jeff Benedict is even better.
  • Growing up around a dog can protect your child against allergies. (So can playing in the dirt.)
  • “Control the guns, control the masses.” Watch Ds and Rs collaborate to inflict universal background checks and, soon, a nationwide, red flag law to allow anyone with a grudge to send cops to seize guns.
  • OTOH, you can just plain turn in your really crappy homemade guns to get enough money to buy a good one (Via Borepatch) 9 Comments
  • Thursday links

  • You corrupt the system, then you whine and wonder why nobody trusts the system any longer.
  • You leave national parks open during the shutdown, but lock restrooms and halt trash pickup. What exactly did you expect?
  • This article asks why men are more likely to die of glioblastoma (a rare brain cancer) than women. This is the beginning of a terribly politically incorrect trend in cancer treatment, one based on innate sexual differences. Well, we can’t have that now, can we? 14 Comments
  • Thursday links

  • It remains a mystery (not really) why, as police tactics get harsher, pre-raid investigation and planning is ever more carelesss. “Sorry m’am. Wrong house.”
  • Scott Greenfield adds his take on the NYT’s wet dream of having banks monitor our politically incorrect transactions.
  • The North Korean government owes $501 million to the Warmbier family for torturing their son to death. S’pose they’ll pay up? 4 Comments