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Category: Homeschooling, free families, and government child prisons

Not much blogitude today. Some links, though.

First it’s off to the doctor to get results of last week’s tests. Then I spend the rest of the day repaying a friend for an even bigger favor she did me last year. So I leave you with a few links and will probably have more to say tomorrow. Judge imposes a restraining order on Deerfield, IL. No draconian gun ban — for now. Outcome depends on lawsuits. (Tip o’ hat to M. in comments) Via Borepatch: Why cars with autopilot keep slamming into large stationary objects. They’re designed that way. Maybe there’s hope for a fee-for-privacy online option…


Friday freedom question: Ways that school misled you

On a financial forum a while back I encountered a twentysomething who didn’t understand why his credit score sucked so badly. Asked to lay out the details so others could analyze the problem, he boasted of his “90% on-time record” of paying his bills, which he thought should have given him a big boost. He was flabbergasted to hear, “Well, there’s your problem. You have to pay your bills 100% on time to have good credit.” He thought that because 90% would get you an “A” on a test in school, it was also terrific in all other aspects of…