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Category: Humor

Monday links

  • Fight back against a brutal cop and be charged with a federal hate crime? Bad idea. Very bad.
  • A sex worker describes the harm the feds’ seizure of Backpage is doing to her.
  • Venmo is a peer-to-peer payments network. Venmo is also a social network. Why the hell would you want friends and casual strangers to see where you’re spending your money? Unless for some goofy reason you actually want them track and speculate about your activities. 9 Comments
  • Weekend links too

  • Wow. Last night’s White House Correspondents Dinner must have been the fiasco of fiascos. Even the NYT and CNN are decrying the nasty attacks comedian Michelle Wolf made against Trump (who wasn’t there) and Sarah Huckabee Sanders (who was).
  • The inimitable Scott Greenfield slams it to those regressive fools who are cutting their own (and civilization’s) throat by dismissing free speech as nothing but a right-wing dog whistle.
  • Two on Alfie Evans: where is Jimmy Kimmel’s voice now; and Britain’s new Berlin Wall. 27 Comments
  • Friday (just for fun) Freedom Question: What did the Russians do?

    This morning the House released a report on Those Infamous Russians. Since the report apparently concludes that Trump didn’t do it (whatever “it” might be), we can be sure this report is far from the last word on the subject. Because of course, Trump had to have done it (whatever “it” might be). It occurs to me, though, that during 18 months of incessant media teeth-gnashing on the subject, I’ve never heard a single person in the real world so much as mention this gigantic, scandalous issue of the Russians (and whatever they may or may not have done to…


    Thursday links

  • If you’re a prominent pro-gun Parkland student, prepare to be grilled, insulted, and generally abused.
  • In London (and to a lesser degree, all across England) violent crimes continue to soar. Murders up 44%! But worry not. The problem is entirely the fault of knives. A little knife control will take care of that.
  • The growing audiences drawn by people like Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris, and Ben Shapiro (who wrote the article) show that people crave and appreciate meaty arguments — even and perhaps especially when the mob doesn’t want those arguments heard. 7 Comments
  • Am I too late?

    The world’s ending again today. I just realized. It’s so late in the day now; I hope I haven’t missed it. How regrettable it would be to fail to post a farewell to the fine Commentariat. But the world’s been ending so frequently for the last few years that I find myself unable to keep up. Please forgive me if I missed giving you a cheery sendoff.


    Break the rules

    (But still, don’t let your dog smoke cigars, especially not while he’s drunk-riding a skateboard.) —– Another original meme from our contest. This one’s by Reno Sepulveda with an important contribution from Robert Heinlein.


    Sasquatch country

    I found this in the woods a few miles from my house & thought you might appreciate it. Lots of sasquatches around here, of course. Damn nuisances. Worse than porcupines. —– I’m also not feeling well and may take a few days off. I mentioned being exhausted after finishing the book, but I’m not perking up and am thinking there might be more to this than mere post-book blues.