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Category: Humor

Weekend links

  • The man who shot a rampaging carjacker outside a Washington state Walmart is a pastor and a paramedic who also gave first-aid to the most seriously wounded victim. (Via Zendo Deb)
  • The phone giants plan to stop selling your location data to third parties. Well, isn’t that wonderful of them. Why were they selling you out in the first place?
  • Another university — a biggie, Princeton — finally takes a stand for free speech. 6 Comments
  • Minioning today

    The Wandering Monk returned yesterday. He (very little me this time, except for doing usual clienty things, both useful and annoying) made enormous progress. The progress was even more remarkable because it involved installing yet another new foundation beam. The monk was tearing off old skirting and general surface rot when I went off to run some errands and meet a friend. When I returned an hour or so later, he’d already jacked up the house, slipped a beam and supports in place, lowered the house again, and started plotting out a deck. Amazing. He happily learned a lot from…