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Category: Humor

Monday links

  • Limited time only: Get your entire genome sequenced for $200. Today and tomorrow — and only for the first 1,000 to apply. This is not the same as a 23andMe screening. This is the whole enchilada. Billions and billions …
  • In that wonderful, sensible land of the UK, dogs have been accused of hate crimes — along with opened envelopes, disputed tennis calls, and a man supporting Brexit. (H/T MtK)
  • “Greater financial discipline” is needed, says deputy secretary of defense after the Pentagon fails its first-ever audit. From $600 toilet seats to $1,300 coffee cups and you’re just figuring that out? Let’s all shout a joint “I told you so!” as nothing improves. 5 Comments
  • Everything you need — and many things nobody needs — eventually turns up at the thrift store

    I have no business being disgruntled or depressed. Here it is, November 15, and it’s still shirtsleeve weather. The sun is shining. The air is still. The critters and I are reasonably well. There’s really not a thing to complain of and quite a lot to be joyful about. But it’s been a discouraging few weeks, for reasons too petty to go into. If you got me started, I’d produce an embarrassing rant and I don’t want to do that. So early this afternoon I shut the computer, packed Ava into the car, and took her out for a latte…


    Friday (just for fun) freedom question

    Yesterday’s news item about the 69-year-old man who “identifies” as 20-some years younger and demands a legal date-of-birth change has sparked some creative (albeit sneaky and slightly felonious) thinking. Sure, the guy’s claim is Onion-worthy. But the most ridiculous self-identity claims are being taken seriously enough now for claimants to extort money out of victims — with the assistance of so-called human-rights tribunals (must read; that news out of Canada is as absurd as it is scary). It may soon be that the only way to compete in a world gone mad is to “identify” as something totally self serving…


    Thursday links

    What Joel (and Leslie Fish) wrote was sadly moving, and we can know that willfully naive souls will repeat the same fatal mistakes, world without end, amen. But thank G-d, some in the American Jewish community are awakening and taking up arms in defense of themselves and their faith. Sigh. Dutch police decrypt hundreds of thousands of messages from IronChat, a supposedly rock-solid, end-to-end encrypted messaging app praised by Edward Snowden. Six questions about the sloppy and insecure CIA communications that got 70 U.S. spies killed. Meanwhile, as Sharyl Attkisson notes, the Central Lack-of-Intelligence Agency deepens its spying on everybody…


    Midweek links

  • You’ve heard of #BREXIT. And recently there’s been Candace Owens’ #BLEXIT. And of course the #WalkAway movement. The latter two are now joined by Roger Simon’s #JEXIT, a call to Jews to leave the Dem party.
  • The Niskanen Center just gave up on ideological libertarianism. (Well, why not? The LP and the Cato Institute led the way long ago. And it’s the thing to do if you’re in DC.)
  • Jeff Thomas: It’s not the end of the world. Just one of those mad turning points of history. 6 Comments
  • Thursday links

  • I’m really beginning to believe Apple is serious about its customers’ privacy. Nobody knows quite how, but they’ve blocked a shady tool used by police and hackers alike. (Yes, MJR, your link gave me a smile.)
  • Did “magic” mushrooms create psilocybin to screw with bugs that wanted to eat them?
  • No surprise to you, but a surprising source. A study by a group of ultimate public school insiders says government schools are failing kids by not challenging them enough and instead feeding them assignments well below their capabilities. 13 Comments
  • Tuesday links

    I had two blogs I wanted to post today, but it’s been zip and zoom and zap since early morning. Commitments, appointments, distractions, demands. Then every time I think I have a moment to sit down, something interrupts. Now I’ve got half an hour before an appointment. Let’s see if I can sneak some links into that time, and come back later (cross fingers) for post two. Jeffrey A. Tucker on the epic battle to control our thoughts. Naturally, the CIA has an official Chief of Disguise. A former holder of that office made a short video about her craft.…