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Category: Mind and Spirit

Spirituality, moods, feelings, and thinking free to live free.

The Authentic Life, part III

Bet you thought I’d forgotten, eh? —– So. In part I we established that an Authentic Life is very much in the eye of the beholder. Sure, it often involves getting back to basics, being more self-sufficient, or living according to our highest values; but your authenticity isn’t mine and vice versa. In part II we established that although knowing ourselves is vital to the Authentic Life, self-knowing is a lifelong trial-and-error process. And the Authentic Life requires both compromise and refusal to compromise. We also established that some of the more rough-tough readers of Living Freedom consider the whole…


Bread upon the waters

Yesterday Tom Knapp made a donation, forgetting he’d already given at the beginning of the fundraiser. Knowing he and Rational Review are supported by donations themselves, I was about to refund the duplicate when he emailed to say not to. He’d just opened an envelope and found many times that. He wrote in comments: I know some people here are not religious/mystical, and really don’t consider myself ESPECIALLY so. But I do believe in karma and the whole “cast your bread on the waters and it will return to you” thing. I’m one of those non-religious/mystical types. But Tom inspired…


Mormons end their relationship with (non) Boy Scouts

This is headline news because it’s basically the death of the (former) Boy Scouts as an organization. The new, politically correct, all-inclusive, gender-neutral “Scouts BSA” committed suicide. Good riddance to them. The LDS church in the U.S. had already separated itself from two specific programs designed for teenagers. They didn’t say it was because of the Scouts recent history of PC decisions overturning traditional Scout values. In fact the then-Boy Scouts had given the church special permission to conduct its scouting operations in harmony with its religious beliefs. But did anybody believe the church’s claim that the programs for teens…


The Authentic Life, part II

Part I is here. —– Before I commence to get myself in further trouble with part II, I’d like to add a very large ditto and several kudos to most of what the Commentariat had to say on part I. Extra kudo to Joel, who has lived the life and even written a poem about it. I disagree only with the notion that every life is authentic. Sure, authentic in the sense of “yes, that life exists.” Not so much in the sense of “yes, it’s a life lived honestly and without pretense.” Also, I get that several people found…


The Authentic Life

This is part 1. Part 2 and probably 3 will come rambling along in the next few days. —– My friend Jordan longs to lead an Authentic Life. In caps. He’s done fascinating things while also doing well for himself. Most people would say he’s living the good life. But he’s wanted to escape it for years. He and his wife tried once. They aimed for their idea of paradise. Failed. Not really through their own fault. But they ended up being sucked straight back into the “good” life again. Now they’re considering another try. Jordan thinks I live an…