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Category: Mind and Spirit

Spirituality, moods, feelings, and thinking free to live free.

Jonestown, 40 years after

Today is the 40th anniversary of the Jonestown murder-suicides. This horror will always be relevant because it’s such an extreme version of such a normal, acceptable thing — following a charismatic leader straight into hell. It’s also relevant because of the role Jim Jones, a socialist and a power broker, played in changing San Francisco politics in the years just before the move to Guyana. Records have conveniently been “lost” that would fully reveal the corrupting role of Jones and The People’s Temple in making SF the left-wing factionalist place it became. But nobody can “lose” the words and pictures…


Everything you need — and many things nobody needs — eventually turns up at the thrift store

I have no business being disgruntled or depressed. Here it is, November 15, and it’s still shirtsleeve weather. The sun is shining. The air is still. The critters and I are reasonably well. There’s really not a thing to complain of and quite a lot to be joyful about. But it’s been a discouraging few weeks, for reasons too petty to go into. If you got me started, I’d produce an embarrassing rant and I don’t want to do that. So early this afternoon I shut the computer, packed Ava into the car, and took her out for a latte…


“Leaving it all on the field” for the people of Paradise

Commentator Gerard Van der Leun is — was — a resident of Paradise, California. Now, burned out of his home along with another 30,000 people, he’s taken refuge in Chico. He writes beautifully about the individuals and businesses of the town “leaving it all on the field” for their bereft and desperate guests. A must read. There have been a lot of dramatic and moving reports out of Paradise. But nobody says it better. Van der Leun concludes: They all were leaving it all on the field everywhere in Chico. From Penny‚Äôs in the Mall to the Birkenstocks Store downtown…


Ideals, aspirations, and advertising

I don’t indulge in the boxes of freebies the thrift store puts out; they’re usually loaded with junk. But Friday morning, a huge number of the freebies were … art books! Oldish art books, but in good shape; once obviously some painter’s cherished possession. I grabbed seven or eight, and along with them the book on the right, 101 Classic Homes of the Twenties, with floor plans and photographs. 101 Classic Homes is one of those marvelous books Dover does, where they find some quirky, usually artsy, material in the public domain and reprint it. In this case, it’s a…


Mundane matters

Note: This first got published without its ending, a fact I caught 10 minutes later. My apologies to anybody who saw it in its naked state. —– I mentioned the other day that life at the moment is pleasantly dull. That’s still the case. After an extraordinary October, we’ve begun an extraordinary November. Cold, foggy mornings, but blue skies all afternoon. Perfect weather for winter preps and completing fall projects. Yesterday I hauled out my little Honda inverter-generator to give it its seasonal checkup and run under load. I’ve never had to use it in an emergency, but it will…


Midweek links

  • You’ve heard of #BREXIT. And recently there’s been Candace Owens’ #BLEXIT. And of course the #WalkAway movement. The latter two are now joined by Roger Simon’s #JEXIT, a call to Jews to leave the Dem party.
  • The Niskanen Center just gave up on ideological libertarianism. (Well, why not? The LP and the Cato Institute led the way long ago. And it’s the thing to do if you’re in DC.)
  • Jeff Thomas: It’s not the end of the world. Just one of those mad turning points of history. 6 Comments
  • Monday links

  • The way modern empires die: They become too heavy-handed, and tech makes it practical to slip away from them. (H/T TSO)
  • Nine years after implementation of Common Core, schooling standards continue to fall. (True, no doubt, but let’s note that they’ve been falling under virtually every government-driven initiative, ever, and in fact falling since universal government schooling was imposed.)
  • Oh yeah, here’s another of those typical white supremacists who vandalize synagogues. This one was helped along by the New York Times and NYC city hall. 2 Comments
  • Long weekend read: The masterless people

    The escaped slaves of the early Americas (“Maroons” or cimarrons) and their struggle to live free at all cost. Sometimes, according to this piece, their determination to live without masters led to alliances with pirates. I can’t say how gloriously accurate this book excerpt is, but it’s a good read on a subject that deserves more attention. The book itself is a new history of the Jamestown colony, published a few days ago. But this excerpt is more about the slaves and pirates of the Caribbean in the days of Spanish conquest and early English adventurism.


    Wouldn’t it be nice?

    Furrydoc and I had lunch together yesterday. We talked politics as we so often do. And we found ourselves in the same state — a not-so-unusual state, these days. We wished news would simply go away. We’re both taking steps to avoid it. The world seems to have gone completely mad. Hate pretends to represent love. Rage replaces thought. Ignorance supplants knowledge. Yet try though we might, both of us find ourselves steeped in the noise of news as if we breathe it in with the very air. Then she told me she talked to her clinic staff about some…