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Category: Miscellaneous

Social Inclusion

Silver here.  Claire graciously grants me access to her blog. What an odd, contrived phrase is “Social Distancing.”  PHYSICAL distancing may be helpful (solid information is extremely scarce these days) but why “Social” distancing?  It’s almost as if those in power prefer that we remain isolated and afraid. Not everyone is buying it.  Here’s a lovely post from someone who recognizes the power of words, and suggests a sensible and lovely alternative.   Please spread this far and wide.  This is an important message.


Saturday links + joke

Boris Johnson’s monumental victory in Britain should remind U.S. Democrats of an important thing or two. Britain’s Labour Party “got woke and went broke” deserted en masse by working-class v*ters. Time magazine’s petulant brat of the year says up against the wall with leaders who don’t execute her climate agenda. Seeing like a finite state machine. Second amendment: Virginians stand their ground on sanctuary counties while the nation watches. Frightened, arrogant anti-gun pols threaten “consequences” — up to and including sending the National Guard in as an occupying force. The greatest political miracle? Trump has revamped the 9th circuit court.…


A Tuesday ramble, with links

I’m back from a Thanksgiving break. I hope everybody had a filling and fulfilling holiday. Mine was quiet and uncomplicated, exactly the way I like it. Just some random thoughts … —– The Trump impeachment hearings have finally done for me what years of willpower and determination couldn’t do: They’ve made me lose all interest in politics. For years I’ve known intellectually (and have written) that political “news” is mostly a con and a diversion. For years I swore off news and politics (which are increasingly synonymous) and pledged to ignore them. But I was sucked in anyhow. Now? I’m…


Saturday links

He left England because his life depended upon getting real health care. The Brexiteers are whomping the Remainers. ‘Bout time, too. The FBI is looking into whether Epstein’s death was the result of a criminal conspiracy. But of course (announces the Bureau of Prisons director), there’s not a whisper of a hint of a reason to suspect that. You know, except for the odd little thing here and there. Maggie McNeill has a superb links roundup of news that affects sex workers. Not interested in sex workers’ rights? Much of what’s being done to them potentially affects us all. Pedophile…


Friday check-in

Just peachy Well, what did you think of the now-ended impeachment hearings? Were they … Relevatory and persuasive? Dull as ditchwater? Shamelessly partisan? A waste of space in the universe? As gripping as Watergate at its best? Totally righteous? Totally self-righteous? Completely missing any impeachable offenses? (Except perhaps on the part of Joe Biden, who can’t be impeached because he’s not in office.) The silliest bunch of cooked-up factoids you ever did hear? Brilliant? Pure democracy in action? Or did you think of them at all? It was lovely to pay very little attention, although I did wonder if NPR…


Saturday links

I’m working on that promised blogosaurus. I really am. It’s about halfway done, but it keeps wanting to pull in a different direction than I want it to go. With luck, I’ll wrestle it into submission by early next week. In the meantime, here are some links to keep you entertained, charmed, baffled, ticked off, informed, or whatever the case may be. —– In the Land of Opportunity, the wealth of the richest 1% is about to outstrip the worth of the country’s entire middle class. Cheers. Florida gets its first Second Amendment sanctuary county. Today is the anniversary of…


The importance of awe

On Thursday, a warm, sunny day, I drove to the gas station to vacuum dog hair out of the KIA. I was surprised to find that the station — the biggest, newest, and most modern in the area — was shuttered and its tanks being torn out of the ground. The vacuum, across the lot, was still functional. So I worked away as I watched the workmen working away. There are a lot of things you could think about seeing a nearly new gas station so upended: What a waste! Were the tanks leaking? Is there damage to our water…


Death of the computer

I went to the library this morning to send some emails and do a blog post. The gods had other ideas; my reliable old laptop wouldn’t boot. It went into an endless loop of error messages and unfollowable instructions. I came home and re-installed the OS, hoping that would be the solution. But nope. The looping errors quit, but so did everything else. The only good sign: I can look at the directories via a live DVD and see that data (Some? All? A smidge?) is intact. Otherwise I’m without contact and without clue. I’m composing this on a phone,…


Saturday links

Maggie McNeill: The concept of consent should apply to government operatives, as well as freelance molesters, snoops, and sadists. James Howard Kunstler writes an “in memoriam” for reality. Following PayPal’s departure, Mastercard, eBay, and Stripe all depart F*c*b**k’s troubled Libra cryptocurrency project. “Guns and Cannabis: The Insidious Creep of Tyranny” by John Klar. Borepatch and his comment section nail the governmental stupidity of a system that can prevent wildfires only by depriving people of electricity. … Outages the majority of Californians are stubbornly unprepared for. And (also related), Victor Davis Hanson laments, Why have we become so small? (H/T PT)…