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Category: Miscellaneous

Midweek links

  • Where are the monkeywrenchers when we need them? At least one traffic camera in New Orleans (and probably more) is giving speeding tickets to parked cars. (H/T PT)
  • Decisions, decisions. When faced with a school shooter, which is the better defense weapon? A bucket of rocks or an itty-bitty miniature baseball bat? (H/T M)
  • Broward County school mavens “know” for sure that the best defense isn’t a gun. (Tip o’ hat to BD) 6 Comments
  • What’s stopping you?

    And don’t answer, “My job, my wife, my pathetic income … whatever.” Sure, there are legitimate factors “stopping” us all. (I am too old, for instance, to credibly proposition Tom Hiddleston.) But freedom is (among other things) the art of creating alternatives.* —– *Though not necessarily any good alternatives to Tom Hiddleston. (H/T Joel for the meme. Spread it around if you enjoy it.)


    Wednesday links

  • Panera Bread becomes the latest to give away data on millions of customers. Yet another unencrypted database. Yet another company that ignored warnings. Do these big corps hire actual IT professionals?
  • Jim Bovard on yet another round of FBI fails and the trial of Noor Salman.
  • Leave it to Not-So-Great Britain: 78-year-old man is arrested FOR MURDER after stabbing one of two home invaders to death with a screwdriver. Ban screwdrivers! 6 Comments