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Category: Money

Posts about being frugal, getting out of debt, staying out of debt, spending practically and splurging joyfully. This category may also contain posts about hard money and what the government is doing to all that “soft money” it creates.

Very last ever autographed book sale for Basics of Resistance; Get ’em while you can.

A couple months ago I said I hoped I’d have 20 or 25 copies of Basics of Resistance, autographed and ready to sell, Octoberish. Due to cascading snafus, I have (or will have in a day or three) just 10 copies. And clearly, this is Novemberish, and sneaking up on Decemberish. BUT … all copies will be signed by both co-author Kit Perez and me. You can’t say that about too many copies of BoR. What you can say is that these 10 are the last-ever copies autographed by both authors. It’s 10 and done. Now, I know a lot…


Saturday links

I’m working on that promised blogosaurus. I really am. It’s about halfway done, but it keeps wanting to pull in a different direction than I want it to go. With luck, I’ll wrestle it into submission by early next week. In the meantime, here are some links to keep you entertained, charmed, baffled, ticked off, informed, or whatever the case may be. —– In the Land of Opportunity, the wealth of the richest 1% is about to outstrip the worth of the country’s entire middle class. Cheers. Florida gets its first Second Amendment sanctuary county. Today is the anniversary of…


Tuesday links

Charles Hugh Smith: What happens when your karma runs over your dogma Why Bernie’s “billionaire’s wealth tax” would hurt the poor and middle class. Len Savage: The ATF’s tactics are so bad, their own lawyer was creeped out. Florida shows us what we can expect from red-flag laws. Kids as young as eight years are getting red flagged “to send a message.” Last week’s best news was ex-cop Amber Guyger being convicted of murder. Then the media quickly changed the subject to the hug and forgiveness she received from her victim’s brother. In all the sentimentalizing, let’s not forget that…


Amazon, boo. Apples and friends, yay.

Knowing Amazon, I didn’t intend to appeal the shut-down of my blog Associates account, but at the urging of a kind reader, I ended up giving it a shot. The message that belatedly came back to me from the Associates program began: Dear Sir or Madam, We received your appeal regarding the termination of your Associates account. A specialist has reviewed your account and the decision to terminate your account was found to be correct. As stated previously, under the terms of the Operating Agreement (, we may terminate your account at any time, with or without cause [my emphasis].…


We now pause for a brief commercial announcement

Several things … 1. Starting tomorrow, Sunday, September 22 at 8:00 a.m. (presumably PDT), the Kindle edition of Basics of Resistance will be on sale for $0.99. Every 50 hours the price will increase until it’s back up to its normal $3.99 after a week. Grab it while you can. Please tell your friends. —– 2. Thinking about your Christmas shopping already? Well, probably not unless you’re one of those people. But sometime in October or November, I will have 20-some autographed copies of the trade paperback version of Basics of Resistance. If all goes well, they’ll be signed by…


Wednesday links

The links keep coming at me even when I don’t look for them. And I confess I sometimes I sneak over to my old news feeds and hunt down a few … “Nasty, Brutish, and Short.” Bear Bussjaeger describes what life would be like if gun banners were really serious about getting rid of firearms. A chef and his disaster-relief organization not only feed storm victims; they teach them to rely on their own resources, rather than await unreliable help from afar. (Via Zendo Deb.) With E-Verify in effect, how do undocumented immigrants get around it? Hint: The old-fashioned way(s).…


Wednesday links

In another instance of “it’s about damn time,” two Houston cops have been charged with murder and evidence tampering in the excruciatingly inexcusable raid that left a couple and their dog dead for no reason other than the state’s love of brute force and police corruption. (H/T DB) Couldn’t happen to a more deserving currency. The U.S. dollar’s days at the world’s reserve currency grow shorter and shorter. The next recession will destroy millennials. Congressthing Ilhan Omar, already suspected of being married to her brother, is now embroiled in her lover’s lurid, tabloid-worthy divorce scandal. Yeah, yeah, I’m just posting…


Just a little update

I’m working on a blogosaurus which ought to turn up here in the next few days. Meanwhile, I’ve got a few links to post and I’ll try to do that late this afternoon or early evening. But this is just a little update following Amazon’s FU “Warmest Regards” message. A couple of years ago, when Amazon nerfed their commission structure for associates, an angel stepped in and began making up the monthly deficit. He’s still with us. I thank him every month — and if you like this blog, you should, too, because I don’t know that I’d still be…


Midweek links

Bear Bussjaeger does what he does so well: debunking the latest lies of anti-gunners. This isn’t the way it should be done, and you’ve really gotta laugh at the idea of gigantic coercive monopolies accusing corporations of monopolistic practices (mostly to extort cash out of them). But at least it’s an encouraging sign that the most evil tech giants are finally facing scrutiny. The WaPo op-ed, with its implication that the government should manage every life from cradle to increasingly early grave and that individuals don’t matter, is creepy. But its history of how American medical care came to be…