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Category: Money

Posts about being frugal, getting out of debt, staying out of debt, spending practically and splurging joyfully. This category may also contain posts about hard money and what the government is doing to all that “soft money” it creates.

It’s Bitcoin Pizza Day

As if we didn’t already have enough holidays, today, May 22, is Bitcoin Pizza Day. On this day in 2010, Florida programmer Laszlo Hanyecz made the first-ever purchase using bitcoin. He ordered two Papa John’s pizzas (worth about $25) and paid for them with 10,000 bitcoins. They’ve long since become the most valuable pizzas in history. In today’s bitcoinage, Hanyecz paid approximately $83,000,000 for his dinner. I hope he at least got extra pepperoni.


Wouldya look at that?

Check the thermometer, over there in the sidebar, dear people. Scroll down. Admire your own handiwork. After a grand beginning, then several weeks of fits and starts … you sent the temperature soaring. We are 2/3 of the way through the fundraiser today and exceeding expectations. Total as of this morning: $3,978 Number of donors: 39 — which includes one who donated three times and two who donated twice Largest donation: $685 — not counting the matching donor who’ll step in at the end of the event Average donation: $102 Smallest donation: 23,497 satoshis — which is 0.00023497 of a…


Bread upon the waters

Yesterday Tom Knapp made a donation, forgetting he’d already given at the beginning of the fundraiser. Knowing he and Rational Review are supported by donations themselves, I was about to refund the duplicate when he emailed to say not to. He’d just opened an envelope and found many times that. He wrote in comments: I know some people here are not religious/mystical, and really don’t consider myself ESPECIALLY so. But I do believe in karma and the whole “cast your bread on the waters and it will return to you” thing. I’m one of those non-religious/mystical types. But Tom inspired…


Why are you donating — or not donating?

I’ve gotta just come right out and say it. The fundraiser had a boffo, whopping, wonderful, encouraging first three days. Since then … it’s had a few great moments. Individual donations have been unusually generous and for that, I bless you. But broad support is nil, even though readership is as strong as ever. Of the last nine days, eight seven have brought in $0 — zero, nada, nothing (fortunately, one active day raised $316 in three generous donations, but that’s still not sufficient to sustain progress). We’ve stalled. This is unusual. I’ve only had two other fundraisers, but they’ve…


Book review: How You Got Screwed

How You Got Screwed: What Big Banks, Big Government, and Big Business Don’t Want You to Know — and What You Can Do About It
By Allen Marshall
Skyhorse Publishing, May 1, 2018
Paperback list price: $12.99, current Amazon price: $9.20
Kindle price: $7.80


Do you have friends, relatives, neighbors, or co-workers who are just waking up, shaking their heads, and asking, “WTF happened?”

This is the book for them. This may be the book for you to buy by the dozen to give to them. That’s especially true if they’re Millennials or in the younger cohort of Gen-X.


Just a hair and we’re halfway there

$2,484 on the fundraising thermometer this morning! Just $16 shy of the halfway point. This is thanks to a one-two punch of generosity by RZ and TW (building on the foundation laid by 26 other donors). Wednesday, the 16th, is hump day for the Final Fundraiser. That’s the day it’s halfway over — which makes the timing for this morning’s leap feel propitious. Thank you all for making this a very un-Mondaylike Monday. —– UPDATE: Reader JC makes it an even $2,500! I confess, knowing how much some people like to round off numbers, I considered being sneaky and waiting…


Monday links

  • Fight back against a brutal cop and be charged with a federal hate crime? Bad idea. Very bad.
  • A sex worker describes the harm the feds’ seizure of Backpage is doing to her.
  • Venmo is a peer-to-peer payments network. Venmo is also a social network. Why the hell would you want friends and casual strangers to see where you’re spending your money? Unless for some goofy reason you actually want them track and speculate about your activities. 9 Comments