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Category: Money

Posts about being frugal, getting out of debt, staying out of debt, spending practically and splurging joyfully. This category may also contain posts about hard money and what the government is doing to all that “soft money” it creates.

Thursday links

  • Americans’ deep, deep concern over Russia’s corruption of U.S. elections: 1% and falling.
  • On one street (of government-owned homes) in Detroit.
  • How come creepy ‘crats (or in this case their lawyers) always use that line about how [whatever thing they did] “doesn’t reflect who they are as a person”? What the heck else could it possibly reflect? Who their third cousin is? Who they are as a cockroach? Whot? 8 Comments
  • Garage sale-fu strikes again

    Yesterday afternoon The Wandering Monk and I scoped out the next step of the summer projects, a small porch. The front door is on the weather side of the house. So part of the plan is for a simple, transparent cover to keep rain off the Mormon missionaries and out of the house. I wanted 1/4-inch plexiglas, but reality disabused me of that fancy notion. We decided on corrugated fiberglass/acrylic. This morning I was on my way to the lumberyard to see what they had when … yard sale! Yup. Garage sale-fu strikes again. Never before in my life have…