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Category: Preparedness

Oh, the things human need, ingenuity, and capitalism can create

Furrydoc and I spent several hours at a big farmers’ market today. Amid the goat cheeses, fresh fruits, native plants, cannabis therapy creams, craftworks, and artisanal breads, there was also this: The Tsunami Pod, also known as the RescuePod. This puppy comes with two “racing seats,” a personal locator beacon, MREs and water for three days, waste bags, a hose for bailing out any seawater that might get in, and metal loops to enable a helicopter or ship to hoist it out of the ocean or whatever pile of debris it ends up in. Additional upgrades are available for pets,…


The dilemma of friends who don’t prep

And family. And neighbors. You know how it goes: You gently nudge acquaintances into prepping, and they (all too often) respond, “Haha, if anything happens, I’ll just come to your house.” Worse, they mean it. Kit Perez writes about this infamous problem at the new American Partisan blog. She examines various possibilities, many of which may have crossed our own minds. So, while it’s a little early for a Friday Freedom Question, here are two: 1. What do you say when people respond to you with this wildly unoriginal “joke”? 2. And what would you do if they really did…


Be prepared (or not)

Over at the Cabal forums we’ve been discussing a couple of related issues: being as prepared as possible before moving ahead with plans; and why people make choices to live in seemingly crazy places — like that one that’s now disappearing in lava in Hawaii. I took not the hard-hard line, but also not the softline on being prepared for what you’re getting into. Sometimes you just have to take a leap, but such leaps are best taken once you’ve thought things out and learned what you can learn. That pulled me back to a moment I’d prefer not to…


Mormons end their relationship with (non) Boy Scouts

This is headline news because it’s basically the death of the (former) Boy Scouts as an organization. The new, politically correct, all-inclusive, gender-neutral “Scouts BSA” committed suicide. Good riddance to them. The LDS church in the U.S. had already separated itself from two specific programs designed for teenagers. They didn’t say it was because of the Scouts recent history of PC decisions overturning traditional Scout values. In fact the then-Boy Scouts had given the church special permission to conduct its scouting operations in harmony with its religious beliefs. But did anybody believe the church’s claim that the programs for teens…