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Category: Preparedness

Fiction in the news — on purpose!

And finally something from NPR that doesn’t revolve around victim disarmament or DACA. Want some realistic disaster fiction? Particularly you neighbors here in the Pacific Northwest who await The Big One? Yesterday afternoon a local NPR affiliate, KNKX, reported that the Bellingham Herald commissioned a novella about surviving the inevitable megaquake. The Riverstyx Foundation in Bellingham conceived and funded the “Imagining the Big One’” project at the instigation of its president, businessman Jim Swift. Foundation director Heather Flaherty said they were concerned by lack of preparedness and wanted a novel way to engage people. “It seems like the facts are…


Frugal March

Second annual Frugal March begins. Last March, I set a goal of spending no more than $500 all month. A couple unexpected expenses came up, which I cheated and put on credit. But not counting those, I slid in roughly at goal. Last summer, car payments entered the picture. They’re lowish as vehicle payments go, but … ugh. Between those and almost constant construction expenses, large or small, a $500 month seems long ago, far away, and downright impossible. I’ve been blessed by angels since then, though, and gotten through both car and construction with the help of friends. Now…


Weekend links

  • Don’t even bother trying the “too irrational to be a terrorist” defense.
  • Seems this teacher never learned either the Bill of Rights, school district policy, or elementary human interaction during her education.
  • Who’s behind the Trump dossier that the FBI relied on? Oh, this gets so thick and deep I can’t even go there. But it does help explain why the left — which has always rightly distrusted the FBI — is suddenly in love with its historic nemesis. (H/T DBH) 14 Comments
  • Thursday links

  • The NSA’s mission statement as of last year. The NSA’s mission statement today. Seems they’ve given up on “honesty” and turned “transparency” into pure authoritarianism. But then, did anybody believe them in the first place? (Via The Intercept)
  • “When Corruption is a Job Perk” (cops and “get out of jail free” cards for their friends and relatives). But no worries! The cop union plans to cut corruption by as much as 1/3. Maybe even 1/2 for retired cops.
  • Commander Zero has interesting observations on a little-known experiment in starvation — and also offers his readers a chance to get in on a heavily discounted bulk buy of those excellent Mountain House foods. 13 Comments
  • Tuesday links

  • Here’s a Hawaiian who had a plan in case of nuke attack. Not a great plan, but still.
  • “Am I a bad feminist?” asks Margaret Atwood, author of The Handmaid’s Tale. Seems so because she — gasp! — believes in due process even for men.
  • Guess we should have figured that. The jihadis who tried to shoot up that “Draw Mohammed” contest in 2015 were egged on and even accompanied by an undercoverFBI agent — and apparently neither the FBI nor the DoJ warned attendees that the U.S. government was sending wannabe murderers their way. Thank heaven for armed Texans! 13 Comments
  • Checking in

    … Because I feel guilty not blogging for two days in a row even though I announced “lite” blogging into next week and have been enjoying totally mundane days. I’ve finished hanging all the drywall in and around the new bedroom. Next I begin taping, mudding, and putting up metal corner bead, starting with the darkest corner of the closet. While I won’t enjoy working in the closet, I’ll be glad to have the biggest storage area of the house completed so I can quit tripping over art supplies, chop saws, and spare space heaters. (Well, I’ll still be tripping…