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Category: Preparedness

“Leaving it all on the field” for the people of Paradise

Commentator Gerard Van der Leun is — was — a resident of Paradise, California. Now, burned out of his home along with another 30,000 people, he’s taken refuge in Chico. He writes beautifully about the individuals and businesses of the town “leaving it all on the field” for their bereft and desperate guests. A must read. There have been a lot of dramatic and moving reports out of Paradise. But nobody says it better. Van der Leun concludes: They all were leaving it all on the field everywhere in Chico. From Penny‚Äôs in the Mall to the Birkenstocks Store downtown…


Weekend links

  • Kit Perez on forming a community survival group. This is a more rigorous process than most of us will go through, but its a good reminder of where our most important allies will be when TSHTF.
  • It seems certain crusaders in government don’t want Gab to have a right to free speech.
  • Sure, USPS. Scan every piece of mail for “security,” then grant recipients a right to have an early look at what’s awaiting them. Then put no damn security on your system at all, making identity thieves’ job easier. 5 Comments
  • Mundane matters

    Note: This first got published without its ending, a fact I caught 10 minutes later. My apologies to anybody who saw it in its naked state. —– I mentioned the other day that life at the moment is pleasantly dull. That’s still the case. After an extraordinary October, we’ve begun an extraordinary November. Cold, foggy mornings, but blue skies all afternoon. Perfect weather for winter preps and completing fall projects. Yesterday I hauled out my little Honda inverter-generator to give it its seasonal checkup and run under load. I’ve never had to use it in an emergency, but it will…


    Monday links

  • The way modern empires die: They become too heavy-handed, and tech makes it practical to slip away from them. (H/T TSO)
  • Nine years after implementation of Common Core, schooling standards continue to fall. (True, no doubt, but let’s note that they’ve been falling under virtually every government-driven initiative, ever, and in fact falling since universal government schooling was imposed.)
  • Oh yeah, here’s another of those typical white supremacists who vandalize synagogues. This one was helped along by the New York Times and NYC city hall. 2 Comments
  • Thursday links

  • I’m really beginning to believe Apple is serious about its customers’ privacy. Nobody knows quite how, but they’ve blocked a shady tool used by police and hackers alike. (Yes, MJR, your link gave me a smile.)
  • Did “magic” mushrooms create psilocybin to screw with bugs that wanted to eat them?
  • No surprise to you, but a surprising source. A study by a group of ultimate public school insiders says government schools are failing kids by not challenging them enough and instead feeding them assignments well below their capabilities. 13 Comments
  • Friday freedom question

    This week’s Friday Freedom Question is one we’ve visited before, but it’s always timely. I also figured I’d put it in poll form this time. Feel free to elaborate in comments. What’s your top preparedness priority right now? Find a place to relocate Improve food supplies Improve security and defense capabilities Improve first aid supplies/skills Practice with what my family and I already have Network with others/improve communications My priorities are already pretty well taken care of I’m just not focused on preparedness at all right now I have no idea; I’m overwhelmed Other Please Specify: Created with Poll Maker