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Category: Preparedness

Monday links

  • Despite backing off from movies, I agree with Aaron Harris that freedomistas should see Little Pink House, the tale of Susette Kelo. If you’re not up for the movie, the book by Jeff Benedict is even better.
  • Growing up around a dog can protect your child against allergies. (So can playing in the dirt.)
  • “Control the guns, control the masses.” Watch Ds and Rs collaborate to inflict universal background checks and, soon, a nationwide, red flag law to allow anyone with a grudge to send cops to seize guns.
  • OTOH, you can just plain turn in your really crappy homemade guns to get enough money to buy a good one (Via Borepatch) 9 Comments
  • Win these books

    You remember these from a few weeks back: I was making room on my bookshelves and decided to give these away. As I mentioned then, they aren’t 2018’s hot new titles, but there’s some great stuff here for people interested in preparedness or adventurous fun. See below for how to win them all. The 14 books and one DVD are: Off the Grid: Inside the movement for more space, less government, and true independence in modern America, Nick Rosen, 2010 The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse, Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre, 2009 Bug Out: The complete plan for escaping a…


    First three days, then two weeks, now six months?

    Preps, I mean. Recommended by the fedgov. Six-months of personal preparedness is an extrapolation, not an actual stated recommendation, but read on. Via Shel comes news of a recent report (PDF) from the President’s National Infrastructure Advisory Council and the Department of (Achtung!) Homeland Security. I haven’t read the full report yet. I’ve skimmed it and run several searches for relevant terms. I’m certainly going to read the rest. The introduction at (which is slightly misleading) begins: In a new report from the President’s National Infrastructure Advisory Council and published by the Department of Homeland Security, the government is…


    More Merry Christmas to Ava and me

    Today was another very Merry pre-Christmas. Gourmet Gethsemani Abbey goodies from S&K and — another! — big check from RW, who already sent one earlier this month. RW’s earlier check was for me. This one? Well, Ava would give a big thanks if she knew, because this one’s to put toward her medical care and treats. Great timing, too. Furrydoc and I were just talking on Wednesday about another test that would better pinpoint the degree of Ava’s kidney malfunction. Guess what? The check and the cost of the test are about equal. So a big WOOF to you, RW.…


    Sitting and knitting and reading and organizing

    Oh, that felt gooooooood. After a quick hop online yesterday morning to approve a few blog comments awaiting moderation, I shut down the computer and spent my Sunday in the pleasant combination of relaxing and being productive. —– All that relaxing took discipline at first. It still shocks me, how seductive the computer is. Never mind the (apparently even more powerful) lure of checking FB likes or seeing how friends are responding to a new Instagram post. Merely knowing that useful information awaits at a click is addictive enough. My task for the last few days has been cleaning up…

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    Pantry in Progress, too

    The Wandering Monk finished his part of the job in the afternoon and this is where we left the pantry-to-be. I’m hugely pleased. Yes, it’s just a plain-vanilla pantry with no fancy features, but it’s going to make it much easier to keep everything organized, easy to find, and (yes, Bear) simpler to rotate. Pat’s original blueprint called for one shelf to be extended to make a desk or a landing spot for newly purchased groceries. I really like that idea and will aim to retrofit a small desk between those 2×2 supports eventually. I’m relieved finally to use those…


    Pantry in progress

    The Wandering Monk had to quit early on Tuesday because the lumberyard ran out of the shelving we needed. Yesterday, while he went off to tend to someone else’s work, I painted, then stashed a few of the more in-the-way items on the shelves. They’re not in their official places; they’re just off my kitchen counter and living room end table, thank heaven. (That straight-on view looks a little kerflotchy, but that’s because the ceiling slopes three inches to the left and that rust-colored ceiling beam (soon to be painted white for less visibility) is placed over a rafter that…


    The return of the Monk and a prepper’s problem

    The Wandering Monk and I (mostly the Monk, as usual) are building a pantry. We started this morning. It was good to see the Monk again; he’s doing much better this season than the last time the days got short and dark. For the last few years most of my food — bulk, freeze-dried, and otherwise — along with related equipment, has been wedged onto two bakers’ racks and a small bookcase at the back of the sunroom, hidden from street view by a shoji screen. The 7 x 2.5-foot space was crammed full. It held a lot, but so…