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Category: Privacy and self ownership

Owning our own information and telling Big Brother to get lost

Weekend links

  • Maqgie McNeill lets loose on “…every yahoo endowed with a one-dimensional sense of ethics who brays that the current sorry state of the American empire is the fault of whichever ‘wing’ of the US Fascist Party he does not identify with.”
  • Joel Kotkin: American Jews should wake up and realize which side their most dangerous enemies are on. (Via Instapundit)
  • At Harvard, you can’t even say “free speech” if you want to hold an event there. Because, you know, free speech is such a right-wing thing. 10 Comments
  • You have been scraped

    F*c*b**k announced today that the personal data of most of its two billion users has been scraped — that is harvested, stolen, collected, aggregated, collated, probably sold, used, and otherwise misused by outside parties. This scraping has been done by what they call “malicious actors” or “bad actors.” That is, identity thieves and their ilk. But the truth is that the real bad actor here is F*c*b**k. Their site was set up to enable this. They did nothing to prevent it and everything to make it possible. It was built in to the way FB did business. Then they tried…


    Wednesday links

  • Panera Bread becomes the latest to give away data on millions of customers. Yet another unencrypted database. Yet another company that ignored warnings. Do these big corps hire actual IT professionals?
  • Jim Bovard on yet another round of FBI fails and the trial of Noor Salman.
  • Leave it to Not-So-Great Britain: 78-year-old man is arrested FOR MURDER after stabbing one of two home invaders to death with a screwdriver. Ban screwdrivers! 6 Comments
  • Paperback sales start TOMORROW!

    The bad news: Amazon kicked back the paperback file on a technicality. The good news: The technicality was small, but the rejection gave Kit and me a chance to rethink the release of the printed book. So. Tomorrow — Wednesday, April 4 — you can place your order for the paperback of Basics of Resistance. Not your pre-order. Your order. UPDATE: See below. We’ve been absolutely thrilled by your response. We know a lot of you are awaiting the paperback. Because it’s print-on-demand it’ll probably take longer than a standard Amazon order (how much longer we don’t yet know) and…


    Not a post about leaving social networks

    Source —– Cambridge Analytica is a red herring. Oh, look, F*c*b**k gave your data to eeeeeeeevil Trump people! Never mind that it gave five times as much to those wuuuuuuuuuderful Obama people in 2012! No matter. It’s still lovely to see people finally waking up to the fact that when you’re on FB, you’re the product, not the customer. I wonder how long this will last? Will the rage and revelations against FB begin an online privacy revolution? Or, more likely, will data-gobbling and stupid data-spilling go on unabated after a few token crony-gov regulations? It’s encouraging that even big…