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Category: Religion

Bread upon the waters

Yesterday Tom Knapp made a donation, forgetting he’d already given at the beginning of the fundraiser. Knowing he and Rational Review are supported by donations themselves, I was about to refund the duplicate when he emailed to say not to. He’d just opened an envelope and found many times that. He wrote in comments: I know some people here are not religious/mystical, and really don’t consider myself ESPECIALLY so. But I do believe in karma and the whole “cast your bread on the waters and it will return to you” thing. I’m one of those non-religious/mystical types. But Tom inspired…



Today is St. Walburga’s Eve, better known as Walpurgisnacht. It’s a holiday that’s retained a whiff — heck, a whole snootful — of paganism despite honoring a Teutonic Christian saint. In Finland, it’s Vappu, one of the four biggest holidays of the year. On Vappu, you party and drink sima, a homemade low-alcohol mead that sounds suspiciously like prison hooch. Neighbor J is Finnish. Tonight she’s taking me to a Vappu celebration. Its promoters emphasize the Christian nature of the day. Yet they’ve chosen to feature a showing of the original Wicker Man — which as I recall ends up…


Weekend links too

  • Wow. Last night’s White House Correspondents Dinner must have been the fiasco of fiascos. Even the NYT and CNN are decrying the nasty attacks comedian Michelle Wolf made against Trump (who wasn’t there) and Sarah Huckabee Sanders (who was).
  • The inimitable Scott Greenfield slams it to those regressive fools who are cutting their own (and civilization’s) throat by dismissing free speech as nothing but a right-wing dog whistle.
  • Two on Alfie Evans: where is Jimmy Kimmel’s voice now; and Britain’s new Berlin Wall. 27 Comments
  • Am I too late?

    The world’s ending again today. I just realized. It’s so late in the day now; I hope I haven’t missed it. How regrettable it would be to fail to post a farewell to the fine Commentariat. But the world’s been ending so frequently for the last few years that I find myself unable to keep up. Please forgive me if I missed giving you a cheery sendoff.


    Sunday-Monday links

  • Today in history: Pat Tillman died for his country’s propaganda machine.
  • Today in history, part II: The fedgov kindly rescued little Elian Gonzalez to return him to Cuba. Photo of the heartwarming moment below.
  • It’s also Earth Day. So marvel at the accuracy of 18 dire predictions made for the original ED. That is, you can marvel if you’re one of the lucky survivors who haven’t starved to death, died in the food riots, or succumbed to toxic waste in your food, air, or soil. 2 Comments
  • Weekend links

  • Maqgie McNeill lets loose on “…every yahoo endowed with a one-dimensional sense of ethics who brays that the current sorry state of the American empire is the fault of whichever ‘wing’ of the US Fascist Party he does not identify with.”
  • Joel Kotkin: American Jews should wake up and realize which side their most dangerous enemies are on. (Via Instapundit)
  • At Harvard, you can’t even say “free speech” if you want to hold an event there. Because, you know, free speech is such a right-wing thing. 10 Comments