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Category: Resistance

Sometimes you need to say “no” to Big Brother

Little Pink House

While the rain kept me indoors this afternoon, I watched Little Pink House, the wonderful new indie movie about Susette Kelo and her fight (aided by the Institute for Justice) to keep her own Olde Wreck of a home. It’s not a documentary, but a dramatization with the great Catherine Keener as Kelo. Very good movie. I highly recommend it. Although small bits of the dialog are too expository (perhaps necessary to set up the complex legal and political issues), the performances are awesome and the story both uncompromisingly freedomista and surprisingly un-Hollywoodized. Keener totally nails Kelo. She’s an undereducated,…


Freedom in the 50 States

Cato has released its 2018 rankings of freedom in the 50 states, compiled by William Ruger and Jason Sorens of the Free State Project. Yep, these ranks are subjective — and Cato recognizes that by allowing users to customize their own rankings by what they consider important. (Gun rights forever! Down with civil asset forfeiture!) And rightly so. Just glancing at the map is mindboggling. Wyoming next to and below Washington and Minnesota in freedoms? Seems unlikely — until you start playing around with the factors. Quite interesting. You could spend hours with the interactive map and customized rankings. Thank…


The option of staying put, part II (conclusion)

You’ve seen two parts of Kit’s piece on Strategic Relocation, and the first part of my “staying put” counterpoint. I don’t know whether Kit has more to post, but here’s my second and final part. Kit’s arguments are more dynamic, as you’d expect from the “go” rather than “stay put” viewpoint. But together I hope we both offer food for thought. We originally wrote these for people less advanced in the ways of freedom than most readers of this blog, so if you like them you might want to send the links to young upcoming freedom seekers or people you…


Midweek links

  • A troll his been harassing Jack Phillips (of Masterpiece Cake Shop) with multiple orders for cakes she knows he won’t bake. Now Colorado’s shameful Civil Rights Commission is prosecuting persecuting Phillips again.
  • Man attempts to kidnap an 11-year-old girl. She and her pals would have none of it. (Sometimes self defense requires just will — and hot coffee.)
  • A Brazillian entrepreneur takes doc-in-a-box to new and inspiring levels. (And this in a country that supposedly has government health care for all.) 5 Comments
  • Wolverines!

    Today in 1984 Red Dawn hit theaters. I never liked the movie much, but you can’t fight history; it has become an icon of American resistance. So on its 34th anniversary, here’s some Red Dawn trivia.


    Saturday links

  • Leave it to the Lone Star state once again. Texas Tech police say campus carry makes them safer. (Tip o’ hat to LarryA)
  • Michelle Malkin says, “Free Valentino Dixon.”
  • Just in case you need more than the NYT’s assurance that their new hire Sarah Jeong isn’t racist. Or sexist. Or heterophobic. Nooooo, not her. (For the record, I don’t think having creepy opinions is a firing offense; but her hiring does cement NYT firmly in place as a provincial rag of the blue archipelago.) 8 Comments