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Category: Resistance

Sometimes you need to say “no” to Big Brother

Some things are still worth celebrating

I wasn’t going to blog today because a) I don’t do “on demand” blogitude on special occasions and b) because the holiday formerly known as Independence Day has gotten so depressing. But I ran into this and remembered that some American traditions are still very much worth celebrating: H/T Never Yet Melted Bear’s got a good reminder, too.


Pronouns: The monkeywrench

One of the sorrows of living in the “everything is terrorism” era is the dearth, almost the death, of monkeywrenching opportunities. The harmless prank of the 1990s has become the terroristic threat of the 21st century. Still, monkeywrenching can never die, and one perfect (and perfectly charming) opportunity exists, particularly for you who are forced to live among the politically correct and the worst sorts of social-justice pecksniffery. That opportunity lies in the previously humble, unassuming pronoun. You know: he, she, his, hers, its, they, theirs. —– Now, before I get pitchforked to death by the urban mob, I must…


Holy ground

Earlier this spring, this arrived at my house: Yes, a lump of dirt with grass attached. In a soggy, soiled paper towel. I was thrilled. That’s no ordinary sod. It’s holy ground from Lexington Green, and a surprise gift from a friend. I potted it the next morning. Although a few blades instantly turned white, as if lesser soil had suddenly sucked all the chlorophyll out of them, 24 hours later the grass was thriving again. It’s still growing strong today. It truly felt (and feels) like a sacred object — much moreso than most items ever decreed holy by…


An everyday resister

Over at Practical Freedomista, I introduce an everyday resister who actually needs no introduction around here. It’s a mini-profile of David Gross, legal tax resister and former culture jammer who I’ve linked to many times before. He’s also a reader and occasional Commentariat member and got several mentions in Basics of Resistance. Still, he’s new to many and a perfect example of resistance that’s principled, steadfast, effective, but also legal and non-violent. Speaking of the book … the prize books are here, signed by Kit and soon to be signed by me and sent off to the meme contest winners.


American Partisan: New blog on the block

American Partisan officially debuted this week. It combines the talents and knowledge of bloggers J.C. Dodge, Concerned American (of WRSA), N.C. Scout, Kit Perez, and Jesse James. So while it’s likely to be on the conservative side compared with Living Freedom, it should be rich in useful information. —– I knew American Partisan was in development and even got a brief preview of it. Originally I thought it was intended as a discussion forum that would solve WRSA’s thorny comment-troll problem. It does have a very prominent and appropriately strict comment policy. But either I misunderstood its original purpose or…