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Category: Rural and small-town living

Life far from freeways, Starbucks, malls, and other benefits/distractions

Still sick, but getting by with the usual help from my friends

I was snoozed out this morning about 10:00 when Ava started barking. I was too out of it to investigate, and in any case she didn’t seem particularly alarmed. I drifted back under. There must have been a knock on the door, but I missed it. Next thing I knew a little voice called from discreetly outside my bedroom: “Claire? Claire? It’s J. Are you alright?” Neighbor J and her daughter had read yesterday’s blog post, in which I said I was thinking about asking her to check in if I wasn’t feeling better today. And there they were. Her…


Thursday-Friday links

  • You’ve prolly heard about that Der Spiegel reporter who turned out to be the Jayson Blair of Germany. Well, here’s the real All-American story that finally tripped him up when he made it up. You messed with the wrong small town, pal.
  • The NRA expresses disappointment (not really) with their historic role in making the bump-stock ban possible (Satire by Bear.)
  • Anti-gunners are always saying that 90% of Americans want this or that that’s on their agenda. Yet another survey hints perhaps they’d better think again. 10 Comments
  • Communities of the deplorable

    I’ve been trying to herd a blogosaurus for the last couple of days, but the darned thing is still roaming wild. So I’m just going to toss out the raw meat for the thing along with a few related thoughts and you guys can take it from there. —– I’m thinking about the importance of community in a world of globalization. Also thinking (related) of the importance of community in a world where “our kind” are not only increasingly sneered at and looked down upon, but excluded from common discourse by Internet Powers That Be. —– Three articles I read…


    Monday links

  • T.L. Davis gives a pretty good description of a real patriot. A few details are quibbleable (aren’t they always?), but it’s succinctly damnfine.
  • Lesson from Zendo Deb and California’s Camp Fire: If you see danger coming don’t wait for an official order to evacuate. (Didn’t we already learn this lesson on 9/11? Sadly not.)
  • Commander Zero describes a creepy criminal act from which he learned a lesson but his neighbor (the target of the creep) might not. 5 Comments
  • Thursday links

  • Bari Weiss and Eve Peyser — bitter enemies on Twitter — meet in person and discover that the human world is bigger and more nuanced than online snark. (An encouraging co-written piece.)
  • So. I trust that all you New Jersey gun owners will immediately turn in your standard-capacity magazines. Right? … No? Why, how shocking!
  • John Dingell pulls 60 years of congressional “wisdom” out of his … head, and comes up with progressive pop drivel. What do these people imagine the heartland of this country will do if they succeed in disenfranchising us and imposing iron rule from urban centers? 12 Comments
  • Tuesday links

    It’s a good idea to record the serial numbers of your guns in case they’re stolen. One cop shop thinks it’s a good idea for you to store that number in their database. Hahaha. How very droll. (Via Codrea) Before Marriott let 500 million guests’ records slip away, they had a string of other breaches. Their cyber-security team was even hit with malware. They say no man is a hero to his valet. The same probably holds true with presidents and their Secret Service agents. Bush the First may have been a typically awful leader, but you never hear a…


    Weekend’s holiday entertainment

    Neighbor J and I trekked to tree-lighting festivities at a coastal port. It was kind of a boring ceremony. Very small-town and mostly for the locals, which we weren’t. But the moment the tree lit up and the fireworks went off was pretty spectacular. I mentioned coastal port specifically, because that “tree” is no tree at all. It’s an artful heap of crab traps, aka crab pots. Decorated with floats, one from each boat in the local fleet. The ceremony may not exactly have been what you’d call impressive (the high school choir that led the caroling — including “Deck…

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    Friday links

  • Gab should not have to be explaining itself this way to the WaPo or anybody else.
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods — already hit in the pocketbook by its anti-gunnery — is now experimenting with getting entirely out of the gun business. Sebastian calls this folly.
  • Are you among the 500 million customers of Marriott’s Starwood Hotels? Then you’re pretty much screwed. That was some serious data they failed to protect. 10 Comments
  • Midweek links

  • You’ve probably heard that a New York state legislator has introduced a bill to allow Authoritah to search your online history before you can be “allowed” to buy a gun. You may not have realized how dangerously deep that rabbit hole goes. And have you heard that Kevin Parker, the pol who wants to inflict this, is himself a violent criminal, as well as a major financial deadbeat?
  • From Shel in comments: evacuation advice from a survival maven, Kevin Reeve.
  • The UK moves into the creepy territory of using AI to detect pre-crime. (H/T MJR) 6 Comments