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Category: Rural and small-town living

Life far from freeways, Starbucks, malls, and other benefits/distractions

Two for MamaLiberty (one for the future)

I seldom do “sticky” posts, but I’m keeping this one at the top of the blog for the next 10 days or so. Scroll down for newer blogging. —– 1. An invitation to attend the scattering of Susan’s ashes Daniel Wiener, brother-in-law of Susan Callaway (the late MamaLiberty), posted this in comments: Sandi Wiener (Susan’s sister) and I will be in Newcastle [Wyoming] at the end of September (the 25th through the 27th), and during that time we’ll be spreading Susan’s ashes (probably on Wednesday, Sept. 26th). Susan was not much for ceremonies, and we won’t be having any big…

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The option of staying put, part II (conclusion)

You’ve seen two parts of Kit’s piece on Strategic Relocation, and the first part of my “staying put” counterpoint. I don’t know whether Kit has more to post, but here’s my second and final part. Kit’s arguments are more dynamic, as you’d expect from the “go” rather than “stay put” viewpoint. But together I hope we both offer food for thought. We originally wrote these for people less advanced in the ways of freedom than most readers of this blog, so if you like them you might want to send the links to young upcoming freedom seekers or people you…


The option of staying put

Yesterday at the American Partisan blog, Kit Perez posted a piece on strategic relocation. She promises more on that topic. I know she’s already got more because what she posted was part of a book she and I explored writing on personal freedom. We put together a chapter. Then, despite getting positive feedback from a couple of reality checkers, we decided not to pursue the project for now. The conceit of the book was that we would write point-counterpoint. For instance, in the chapter on location, she’d write on the advantages, problems, and strategies of moving, and I’d write on…


A market day

Sorry again for lite blogging. If it’s not days of house-project work, it’s a day of very busy “rest.” Today Furrydoc and I traveled out of town for an afternoon at farmers markets, bulk-food stores, and veggie vendors. It doesn’t make for the most compelling blogging, but it does make for a pleasant interlude. The best of it was a little coffee house where we had an unusual lunch. We each ordered a grilled chicken-apricot sandwich. Yes, chicken-apricot. Which I already knew to be a great combo. But on a sandwich? Better, that wasn’t the only surprising combination between those…


Thursday links

  • I’m mystified by this week’s hullabaloo about Trump threatening to take over the Federal Reserve. He might make it “political”? But as Rothbard knew, few things are already as inherently political as the infamous Fed.
  • Murder-for-hire charges against Ross Ulbricht have been dropped. Bet most people who know he’s in prison think that’s what he was already convicted of.
  • That terrible question we always get: What would happen if the government didn’t handle X, Y, or Z? 5 Comments
  • The unregarded east side

    I finished up the north gable end yesterday and we swung around to begin work on the east wall. That’s The Wandering Monk above, with his magical Honda pressure washer. They cleaned decades of grime off the siding and incidentally revealed bad seals at the top of two windows. Really bad seals, in one case. One window merely dribbled harmlessly under the force of the washer. The other admitted what seemed half the aquatic blast into my living room, drenching a desk, paperwork, and electronics. That was … interesting. OTOH, this is a good moment to learn about things that…


    Thursday links

  • Americans’ deep, deep concern over Russia’s corruption of U.S. elections: 1% and falling.
  • On one street (of government-owned homes) in Detroit.
  • How come creepy ‘crats (or in this case their lawyers) always use that line about how [whatever thing they did] “doesn’t reflect who they are as a person”? What the heck else could it possibly reflect? Who their third cousin is? Who they are as a cockroach? Whot? 8 Comments
  • Too darned hot

    It’s Too Darned Hot and I’m loving it. Sweating. Cutting walks short. Staying inside with the ceiling fan running. And loving it. I did manage to make use of myself this weekend. The general store had all its plants and a lot of its garden pots 50% off. Although I’m normally too black-thumbed to bother, I spotted a whole lot of pretty succulents. Even I have a hard time killing succulents. So I made these two mini-gardens for the new front porch. —– More missing cats around town — really around town. The latest beloved house pet, posted LOST at…


    Well, that was pleasant

    Summer arrived suddenly Wednesday afternoon, and with it a burst of energy and mood uplift. Yesterday I spent very little time at the computer and lots working in the sun. I prepped for next week’s house projects and completed earlier ones. I cleaned windows, put up screens, and let air into the house. I raked and swept and scoped out the work ahead. Then in the afternoon I stretched out on the lawn swing with a glass of iced tea and enjoyed the kind of relaxation you can really enjoy because you’ve earned it. —– Sometime during all this, FedEx…