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Category: Official thuggery, bad prosecutions, and bad law

Responsibilities of a resident of the police state, part IV

Part I Part II Part III Changing perceptions at the end of empire Or It steamboats come steamboat time The empire demands obedience. But the more harshly it demands, the more desperate it is. A government that sends thugs to kick down people’s doors at 6:00 a.m. or that shuts protestors within barbed wire enclosures is a government that is frightened. And weak. Not strong. Our particular empire exists in the age of public relations. It realizes that We the Mob can be kept quieter longer via bribes than by oppression. But times change. The bribe money runs out. The…


Thursday miscellany

Prosecutorial misconduct brings a mistrial in the Roger Clemens never-talk-to-the-feds case. How come we never see the feds on trial for lying to us? (ADDED: Good commentary.) Gary Marbut — bless his bold and principled heart — does it again. This time, he makes the Wall St. Journal. “The Good Short Life.” Touching. Cops are at it again, too. Portable facial-recognition and iris-scanning devices. Another gift of USACorp’s perpetual war machine. While junque shopping, I really would have bought that set of five poker-playing dog prints (especially “Pinched with Four Aces.”) They were too expensive (and does anybody really need…

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Responsibilities of a resident of the police state, part II

This wasn’t actually intended as part of the “Responsibilities” series. But it’s related and I had to get it off my chest. So consider it a mini rant within the larger rant, an interlude, or whatever you like. —– I have a question for the folks who are always saying we can end tyranny (or corruption or government overspending) by a) keeping an eagle eye on “our” politicians and b) voting the rascals out of office. Ready for the question, you advocates of politician-watching? Here goes: The governments of your city and your county are as uncorrupt and responsible as…


Responsibilities of a resident of the police state, part I

First they came for the … One of the hardest things about living in a police state is watching other people be crushed by state power and feeling unable to do a thing about it. We read Pastor Neimoeller’s famous lines as a warning to ourselves. But really, there’s not much chance of heeding the warning in a way that changes anything — except perhaps for the worse. If the police state is as ruthless (and as popular among the citizens) as Hitler’s, speaking out is only likely to get the speaker rounded up along with all the other “enemies…


Wednesday miscellany

Good work up there, you Canadians! But don’t you always get a kick out of these statistics on the size of underground economies? Seriously. They know this how? (Tip o’ hat to C^2.) Remember, when your camera-containing device gets “lost” or ever-so-slightly altered in police custody, there’s always this. (Tip o’ hat to S^2.) Oh, the little people are getting so uppity! You know something will soon fall down and go bust when “experts” are this confident that everything is rosy. July 4 by Thomas Sowell. Two really good (and coincidentally related) ones from Get Rich Slowly: “Defining Your Financial…


A county’s all-out war on the little guy

… and on private property. Though I’m trying to move the blog away from knee-jerk reporting of Bad Government News, when S. sent this, I realized it said as much about the resilience of the victims and the obvious fear “their” government feels toward them (armored teams for code violations?) as it says bout the outrageousness of L.A. County bureaucracy. So read it and weep: “A County’s Private Property War.” You desert rats might want to take special notice.


Wednesday miscellany

I said I was going to de-focus on bad news and its attendant blogistic knee-jerking. But once in a while the reality checks are too stunning to ignore. Here’s how bad it’s getting: The U.S. Department of Education sends a S.W.A.T team to kick down a door and terrorize a family — for defaulted student loans. (NOTE: Original link is now 404. Thanks to dsd in the comments, here’s another link, with photos. Check his other links, too.) Facebook is at it again. Keep your photos OUT of Facebook, guys. How you’re going to prevent Granny or your best buddy…


OathKeepers muster for Jose Guerena

If you want to commemorate the honorable dead this weekend, you might join (in spirit or in fact) the OathKeepers muster for Jose Guerena, the young ex-Marine murdered by cops while trying to protect his family from vicious home invaders. The muster will take place in Tucson on Monday. When the SWATting of non-violent drug offenders (which Guerna was not) and gun owners (which he was) ceases, OathKeepers (both the members of the organization and those cops who finally recognize the unlawfulness of what they’ve been doing and stand by their oaths) will deserve everyone’s honor — hopefully not only…


Arrest the D.A. And the cops.

I haven’t written about the Mark Fiorino story. You’ve probably heard about it elsewhere. Innocent man obeying the law is confronted by ignorant and brutal cops who threaten repeatedly to kill him. He remains polite in the face of horrific provocation and thuggery — and audio-records the encounter (as recommended by The cops eventually have to admit Fiorino wasn’t breaking the law and let him go. Later, after considering how the “protect and serve” gang treated him, he posts the recordings to YouTube — at which point Philadelphia D.A. R. Seth Williams charges Fiorino with several of the standard,…


Monday miscellany

In the Mothers Day spirit: 11 Awwww-Inspiring Surrogate Moms. Mozilla says “NO” to the DHS. Wonder how that’ll work out. Good for Billings Gazette readers. Boohiss to Best Buy for firing an employee who did the right thing. The 10 secret warning signs of inflation. 🙂 So what do you think happened to silver last week? And where’s silver going from here? Torture: “Still Stupid, Still Wrong, Still Immoral.” The only thing wrong with Dahlia Lithwick’s opinion is that she doesn’t state it emphatically enough. “The Emperors’ Clothes.” A heartrending cry as Pakistanis wake up to their governmental catastrophe, post…