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Category: War on Some Drugs

Weekend links

  • Pretty funny. And think of the implications! New Jersey towns turn property taxes into “charitable contributions” to scoff at the new tax law.
  • Did you know that Ash Wednesday falls on Valentines Day this year? And Easter shares a date with April Fools Day? (unless, of course, you’re of Orthodox persuasion, in which case your calendar is less odd for a change).
  • O, brave new America, where where the rich get richer and the poor go to jail. (Tip o’ hat to jc2k in comments) 8 Comments
  • Friday links

  • This isn’t a new story. But it’s a wow and anybody who thinks about self defense should read it. A hit man came to her house. She survived. He didn’t. No guns involved. (H/T jc2k in comments)
  • Republican wins a hotly contested Virginia race. By having his name pulled out of a punch bowl.
  • Oregonians kinda-sorta, in a smallish way, finally get to pump their own gas. And there’s panic in the streets. (If you want to know why it’s hard to get people to envision even small amounts of political change, there’s your perfect example.) 16 Comments
  • Christmas Eve

    Happy Sunday-before-Christmas morning. Is everybody getting a nice extended holiday this year? I’m drywalling, mostly. But I thought I’d pop in with some links, too. First (courtesy of JW), the inimitable Selco talks from experience about Christmas when the S has HTF. Then here’s the story of how NORAD became Santa’s official tracker (and the Pentagon has reaped propaganda hay ever since). Borepatch and Joe Diffie bring us “Leroy the Redneck Reindeer.” Law enforcement grinches steal one couple’s green Christmas. As usual the story the cops relate smells higher than the cannabis. And in California, victims of those horrendous wildfires…