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Census: arrogant or desperate?

Shazam. $2.5 million bucks for a 30-second SuperBowl spot to advertise the census. $138 million (or more) for the entire Cooperate with Your Masters campaign. In 28 languages, yet.

Are these folks Soviet-style arrogant, spending money on their Big-Bro agenda as if the poor taxpayers actually had any? Or are they flat-out desperate because more and more people are realizing that census resistance is a safe, no-nonsense, and ever-increasing way for people to send a go-to-hell message to Washington? Or both?

A couple of months ago, on a visit to the Big City, my friend and I had to scoot out of what was supposed to be a fun-filled public event because we were just too, too, too creeped out, being surrounded by masses of red-shirted census-flappers. Somehow, though, the red shirts seem completely appropriate.


  1. Pat
    Pat February 4, 2010 9:36 am


    What were the census-flappers doing there? Actively
    handing out info… taking demographics… or what?

  2. Claire
    Claire February 4, 2010 10:53 am

    Pat … what the census-flappers were doing there? Swarming, as far as I can tell. Like bees out of their hive.

    The event was an enormous children’s play-day and literacy-promotion event being held in a plaza outside a downtown library. So while I didn’t stick around to see exactly what the censu-philes were up to, I presume it was part of the campaign to propagandize kids and “involve” them in gov-works early on.

  3. Claire
    Claire February 4, 2010 10:57 am

    Winston … You may be onto something.

    Been thinking about something similar after reading about all of Obama’s “belt-tightening” remarks lately. You know, “You shouldn’t be buying boats or going to Las Vegas.” (Never mind that both the boat industry and the whole city of Vegas are in the dumps and could really use the business right now.) But We the Government will spend all the money we like because, by [our] definition, every dime we spend is good for you. (Or because we’re scared that if we quit spending, our world will fall down around us.) Faugh.

    (Good link there, too, Winston.)

  4. George Potter
    George Potter February 4, 2010 4:45 pm

    “You shouldn’t be buying boats or going to Las Vegas.”

    Haha! Man, even ignoring the irony of a guy who’s basically never worked an honest day in his life lecturing people about saving money, you have to laugh that Obama can’t even get his shitty Keynesian economic principles right! 😛

    I’ll ignore the census as usual. I exercise my human right to sit my ass down and not be numbered. 😀

  5. Claire
    Claire February 4, 2010 5:34 pm

    Yep, George. Somebody recently said that Obama is making W. look like a genius. Mind-boggling though it is, I’m beginning to think that somebody was correct. The Big O reminds me of a not-very-bright schoolmarm — always in lecture mode, disseminating ignorance.


    Around here when/if the census taker shows up, any who happen to be on the property at the time will politely escort that honored representative of government to the end of the driveway. Actually, even without our certain non-cooperation, I can’t imagine how they think they’d count us. There’s no street address to send a form to, no street address to send a census taker to — only miles of dirt roads to get lost on.

    But then, I don’t think the Census Bureau is that interested in tracking rural people. We aren’t where the money is — or where they want the money to go.


    BTW, just so nobody gets in trouble quoting me quoting Obama, the line about the boats & Las Vegas is just my paraphrase. But he did say those things.

  6. Winston
    Winston February 5, 2010 10:54 pm

    On the subject of Obama being stupider than GWB…

    You know I think sooner or later it’s possible that the news-industrial-complex will turn on him like they did with Bush. Remeber when he W got elected and all they could talk about is what a red-blooded ‘merican he was and “carrying on his family’s great legacy” and all that drivel? Remember how after 9/11 the news media seemed to be really pushing heightened security, slauting the brave heroes at the newly formed DHS, and not really impeding on that whole “death to all filthy nations that wear terrycloth headwrappings” kind of stuff?

    Then remember when the situations we involved ourselves in in that extra fun part of Asia started to not be as awesome when the angry patriotic fervor started to die down, and people other than no-good-commie peaceniks started to complain…and eventually, when such sentiment became popular enough…they just did the whole “oceana has always been at war with eastasia” thing and pretended like they had been anti Bush all along?

    Well this is longer than I expeced. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that as anti-Obama thoughtcrimes become more widespread, it’s quite possible that some formerly ass-kissing news outfits could try to cash in on it like they’ve done previously. Even Chris Matthews (Who seems to have a burning lust for the president…remember that ‘felt the thrill going up my leg’ remark?) made some critical remarks about Obama recently when covering the Massachusets thing.

    Besides, the guys obviously a complete dumbass. It’s just Bush’s fault for not having the foresight to use a teleprompter.

  7. Pat
    Pat February 7, 2010 9:32 am

    I agree.. with added thoughts.

    The media and many others were 1) willing to give Obama the benefit of the doubt in order to get change; and 2) there may have been some/many who were afraid to speak out for fear of being considered racist, and so waited to see where he was going (and how others would react to him).

    But so many ordinary folks learned well “the art of politics” from Bush that even “sheep” have been quicker to spot duplicity, lies and breaking of promises — not to mention stupidity. Hence the tea parties, anger at town meetings, and rank “insubordination” which has prompted charges of conspiracy theories. (Charges which, like the census, might also be called “arrogant and desperate.”)

    I don’t think Obama will last long. Many American people may not understand what they need or what government’s role should be, but they’re beginning to learn the hard way what won’t work for them, and why it hasn’t worked.

    It may be too late to change direction of government, but not too late for Americans to speak out against what is happening to them. And the media has been quick to pick up on that and add their voices to it, no matter what their original politics when Obama came into office.

  8. Major Variola (ret)
    Major Variola (ret) March 15, 2010 4:26 pm

    I will fulfill the constitution and tell them the headcount.

    I choose to decline jury summons most of the time.
    I am aware of nullification, and will use it; but being I regard conscription as illegal.

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