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Month: January 2012

Monday miscellany

The strange birth of New York’s gun laws. Oooh, now this is cynical. And fraught with … well, just fraught. (Tip o’ hat to JB.) Darn. They’re ruining it for me! (Tip o’ hat to MJR.) At least Twitter is is trying to mitigate its consent to censorship. “Why Conservatives Should Be Libertarians.” The Barefoot Bandit will probably serve just under five years. Federal and state sentences to be concurrent. Seems a reasonable mercy — and with luck a chance for that bright but screwed-up boy to get his head together. (HT to PT.) A troop of gorillas visits a…


Privacy & security roundup

Drones over NYC. If you thought SOPA was bad … Rutherford institute tells the Census Bureau to back the heck off. Ominous? Interesting? Ominously interesting. Ditto this: Punching holes in firewalls. How long would it take to break your password? You remember the good old random name generator, don’t you? This may be the best test I’ve seen of Internet invisibility. When I visited with JavaScript turned off (standard practice with unknown sites), it told me I was “very visible” in these days when most sites require JavaScript. But it didn’t tell me anything else. When I temporarily enabled JavaScript,…


The things people do to dogs

… sometimes just by doing nothing to dogs. I have a house guest this weekend. Canine. Female. She’s angelically sweet, adores (and is submissive to) the other dogs, and wants nothing more than to love on and be loved. Unfortunately, in her 1-1/2 years, she’s had not one second’s worth of training. She’s boisterous, destructive, un-housebroken, doesn’t know a single command, and has borne at least one litter. She’s absolutely gorgeous and when I put her in my backyard kennel (which fronts on the local makeshift soccer field), she was immediately surrounded by neighborhood boys admiring her for all the…


NPR does a non-idiotic story about guns!

Okay, the reporter makes a few statements that reflect cringe-worthy ignorance. Still … this is a good report. And the last line (last paragraph if you read instead of listen) is just howlingly marvelous. Seems NPR is also coming to understand the nicely Outlaw concept of “law-abiding law breakers.” 🙂 Side note: This is the first time I’ve ever seen any news about the LeBaron clan that wasn’t about weird murders. Instead we’ve got honest people defending themselves against murderers.


The natives are more restless than they may appear

The following was sent to me by a long-time reader with the subject header “I HATE Flying.” But it says more than that. Thus my headline. What follows is all from reader JP: —– Hey Claire, Due to financial issues, I surrendered, and took a contract because I need the money. Part of the work requires me to travel to Austin, Texas; and Eugene, Oregon. Yesterday, I came back from Austin, and went through the TSA portal. I have flown exactly six times since the TSA was created. The last time was 5-1/2 years ago. EVERY SINGLE TIME I have…


Wednesday miscellany

It just had to happen eventually, didn’t it? Ron Paul action figures. I like the man. But seriously, I agree with Joel. It’s getting a little nuts. Okay, maybe the superhero action figure is sorta funny. But since when do free people set up idols to worship? The dog: man’s best friend for more than 33,000 years. If this is a “minor infraction” I’d hate to see what serious violence is. But of course, if the cop loses his job over this, some other PD will consider him prime material for their wrong-house-puppykittyciding-drug-raiding SWAT team. (Tip o’ hat to C^2.)…


Google continues its journey into Mordor

… not to destroy the One Ring, but to join up with Sauron. How exactly does this qualify as “non-evil”? On the contrary, outside of government, this is about as evil as it gets on the Internet. Universal tracking across all Google sites and products with no opt-out? D., who sent the link, added that he googled “f**k you Google” and got 41 million hits. 🙂 For safe, private searching, and are your friends. If you must use Google for anything (I still find Google’s YouTube and image searches very useful), go to your browser’s cookie management window…


Tuesday links

The newspaper that said, “Up yours” to the Internet. A bit of good news from the Supremes — though (typically) it may not mean much in practice. This Saturday is Data Privacy Day. Though since it was declared such by Congress, it may not mean much in practice, either. Good one, MamaLiberty. Did those guys in the SUV really have curly earpieces, too? LOL. Two lessons from the Megaupload seizure. Big lessons. May God (if any) keep and preserve Glenn Greenwald. Simon Black echoes the sentiments. “Another reason to homeschool,” sez D, who sent this link. What kind of screwed-up…