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Month: January 2017

Tuesday links

Seemed time for another “lite” links collection. I closed all my bad-news tabs. To hell with them. Today I bring you mostly good news and puppies. Oh, and a moose.

Outreach: The perfect moment

Funny, Karen Kwiatkowski’s “Perfect President” post hitting the ‘Net this morning. Similar thoughts were trying to form in my mind over the weekend. Some related observations: Kwiatkowski is absolutely correct that the big-government left created Trump, not only by the immediate cause of alienating so many ordinary Americans, but by gleefully establishing the “stroke of the pen, law of the land” machinery he’s now using to terrify them. But will they understand that? Will they ever get how naive and wrong they were with their “this is a democracy; you’re just being paranoid to worry about tyranny” attitude? Or will…


The perfect president; the perfect moment

This morning, I will leave it to Karen Kwiatkowski, who has said it all. Or at least said most of it all.

Those who love the glory of the state, adore its power and enjoy its parental aura, have built and supported the state we have. Donald Trump is the perfect man to lead it.

I certainly hope that he might also be the perfect president to destroy it.


Weekend links

  • NASA, which can’t get humans to Mars and has been so useless on Lunar travel that the last U.S. astronaut to walk on the Moon recently died of old age … is now fretting that we might get dementia from flying too high in airplanes. Lord, save us from such cowards, fools, and earth-hugging bureaucrats! (H/T MtK)
  • But that’s okay. Because Hillary Clinton will fix all the problems of humanity when she becomes president in 2020, propelled by her hit TV show. (This according to one anonymous source; so don’t start “rejoicing” yet.) (Tip o’ hat to SC) 8 Comments
  • Friday links

  • Remember the Arizona motorist who stopped, saved a cop’s life, and killed the murderous perp earlier this month? He has now uncloaked himself from anonymity. Turns out he’s a ordinary little guy who neither looks nor sounds like you might imagine. He was also, once upon a time, a prohibited person who had his rights restored.
  • Those ever sober and deliberative atomic scientists have set their famous doomsday clock closer to midnight. Because Trump. And other reasons. (Last time it was because “climate change” and other reasons.) Good God, people, don’t you remember it was Hillary, not The Donald, who was itching to start WWIII? The man may be a megalomanical loon, but he’d rather make deals than toss bombs. (H/T MtK)
  • F*c*b**k actually does something semi-interesting (although very 1990s) for user security. 20 Comments
  • Only in a place like this

    It was a gorgeous afternoon. Blue, blue, blue sky and 50 degrees. I decided to drive Ava into the hills to an off-the-beaten-path place where all the trees have been clearcut in the last five years and we’d have that glorious sunshine beaming on us for the entire walk. About two miles up the main road I spotted an ATV off to the side and a young man standing behind the trailer that was hitched to it. That was a little unusual, so I stopped and rolled down my window to ask, “You okay? You broken down or anything?” He…


    Now here’s something …

    Earlier this month I blogged about getting a lithium-ion jump starter for Old Blue after accidentally running the battery down. I was very happy to have that gadget even if the instructions were in inscrutible Engrish. Worked just fine, too. But in that blog I mentioned liking to have backups for my backups (“two is one and one is me stranded on the roadside on a dark and stormy night”). And whaddaya know, this handy-dandy gadget just showed up. This is NOT a jump starter: Nope, not a jump starter. It only looks like one — while also being quite…


    Monday links

    Today I have for you a collection of mostly useful or “lite” links. NO politics. Enjoy.

    The pussy rally and other reasons to run and hide from the Internet

    Had to take a few days off from the ‘Net. Too many angry people, too many crazy people, too many “interesting” people. You know how you get those spates of them sometimes. Then you return and everyone’s peaceful and sane for a couple of months. I hope. I’m spending my break basking in reality. That is, not only mostly offline, but not in places that artificially pass for real. That is among other things, not in Washington, DC, where Jim Bovard took these very NSFW photos yesterday (and swears he didn’t deliberately go looking for the grossest signs). I played…