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Month: December 2019

I’m done

Note to GL and D3: I wanted to contact you privately before writing this, but I lost your addresses in October’s computer crash. Please forgive the surprise notice; you deserve better for your faithful, long-time support of me and this blog. —– I dread writing this. But … I’m done. I’m finished blogging. The blog will remain online for the foreseeable future, but I’ll no longer be posting regularly. Or even semi-regularly. I don’t know whether I’ll be posting at all, but if I do, it will be more in the style of a hobby blog than a serious endeavor.…


Saturday links + joke

Boris Johnson’s monumental victory in Britain should remind U.S. Democrats of an important thing or two. Britain’s Labour Party “got woke and went broke” deserted en masse by working-class v*ters. Time magazine’s petulant brat of the year says up against the wall with leaders who don’t execute her climate agenda. Seeing like a finite state machine. Second amendment: Virginians stand their ground on sanctuary counties while the nation watches. Frightened, arrogant anti-gun pols threaten “consequences” — up to and including sending the National Guard in as an occupying force. The greatest political miracle? Trump has revamped the 9th circuit court.…


Government is silly; empire has a mind of its own

Last night I watched Charles III, a PBS drama about the future reign of the present rather weary and gray Prince of Wales. The story posits that in his very first week of rule, months before his official coronation, he precipitates a constitutional crisis that throws not only the UK, but the very future of the monarchy, into turmoil. What does poor old fictional Charles do to throw the realm into such chaos? He refuses on principle to sign a bill curbing freedom of the press. The bill can’t become law unless he signs it. But that’s not the issue.…


A Tuesday ramble, with links

I’m back from a Thanksgiving break. I hope everybody had a filling and fulfilling holiday. Mine was quiet and uncomplicated, exactly the way I like it. Just some random thoughts … —– The Trump impeachment hearings have finally done for me what years of willpower and determination couldn’t do: They’ve made me lose all interest in politics. For years I’ve known intellectually (and have written) that political “news” is mostly a con and a diversion. For years I swore off news and politics (which are increasingly synonymous) and pledged to ignore them. But I was sucked in anyhow. Now? I’m…