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  1. jed
    jed January 25, 2017 2:02 pm

    No, they do not know what they’re talking about. Their political knowledge comes from Twitter and the public school system, and, based on photographic evidence, Madonna’s crotch. This is oblivious revelling in ignorance embraced as power, couched in what passes for wit among the victimhood class. The sad thing is that nobody will explain to this dolt how grossly she’s in error, and instead she’ll be embraced by her sisterhood for speaking truth to power. Here’s your participation ribbon!

    Welcome to the new upgraded anatomy-based discourse. Imported from Russia, BTW. And of course, the MSM is eating it up.

    I also enjoyed the Hope’n’Change take on it.

  2. M Ryan
    M Ryan January 25, 2017 2:18 pm

    Butch Trucks passed away? Dang, good drummer from a great band. RIP

    Whenever I think of Mary Tyler Moore this one scene always comes to mind…

    She was a heck of an entertainer.

  3. Desertrat
    Desertrat January 25, 2017 2:27 pm

    The wall idea has been the big negative for me, re Trump. Why not just enforce existing law against hiring illegals? Jerk the business license of anybody hiring them. No economic incentive to be here? Adios!

    Many don’t realize how NAFTA contributed to northbound folks from Mexico. A result of it was to sell corn and beans in Mexico at lower prices than allowed Mexican farmers to turn a profit. Bankruptcies = northbounders.

  4. pyrrhus
    pyrrhus January 25, 2017 2:32 pm

    How’s Israel’s Wall doing? Oh…great.

  5. kentmcmanigal
    kentmcmanigal January 25, 2017 6:19 pm

    #CopsAreScum so of course they expect to be able to murder with impunity, and since they are also filthy cowards, they get scared that justice might occur. It’s just cops acting naturally.

    Trump’s wall is probably his dumbest/most pointless/evil idea (and that’s saying a LOT). There’s no such thing as “immigration”, anyway. But the people he’s appealing to believe in it (and a lot of other superstitious nonsense), so it “works”.

  6. Shel
    Shel January 26, 2017 7:49 am

    I fully realize this is a hot topic on this site, so I make the following comments with due respect to differing opinions.

    The Border Patrol Union, whose members risk their lives for us every day and who are not part of the policy makers, firmly believe Trump’s recent actions are positive ones.

    Before the election they made their opinions of the alternative extremely clear.

    I guess my greatest concern now is that we can become (if we aren’t already) a nation ruled by executive order. Obama abused it, so we can expect Trump to do the same. It likely started before Obama, though.

  7. ExpatNJ
    ExpatNJ January 26, 2017 10:07 am

    2016 was a busy year for entertainers leaving this Earth.
    2017 is already starting out with Mary Tyler Moore, et. al.
    Who’s next … and why?

    “No, Elvis is not dead. He just went home.” – ‘Kay’.
    “The exodus continues. It’s like the party’s over and the last one to leave gets stuck with the check.” – ‘Zed’.
    – “Men In Black”, 1997, Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith,

    (Do _I_ believe in ‘Conspiracy Theories’? Nah, my spouse enjoys movies, and I unfortunately absorb the dialogue through osmosis …).

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