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Another reason to dis the census

I’m still traveling, but now I’m in a place where I can satisfy my news addiction.

It seems that a lot of 10-year-old articles about the census are turning up right now. Which isn’t a bad thing (though some of them should have been updated first and most should be more clearly marked for what they are).

Ran across this one by Dave Kopel that reminds of yet another reason to tell the census-taker to go to hell: because information about you will be sold to marketers and some of it could quite easily be personally identifiable.

The main thing that’s out-of-date about all these old articles is that they refer to the “long form” that some households felt compelled to fill out back then. That’s no longer part of the census, of course. Instead (oh lucky us!) the long form has become a permanent fixture of the corporate state in the form of the separate American Community Survey — a creature even more resistible than the census. And even more useful to the marketeers at

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  1. Dave
    Dave February 26, 2010 6:49 pm

    Never mind how I know, but if you ignore the ACS, they will call a few times, threaten a few times, then give up.

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