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Monday Miscellany

A collection of stuff that’s accumulated in my, “Gee, isn’t that interesting!” file over the last week or two. Well, actually some of it is from the, “Gee, isn’t that scary?” file:


  1. Pat
    Pat March 29, 2010 6:44 am

    On “Census Resistance”: I received my census form and read the questions carefully. Only the first question (how many live in this house?) was answerable. The rest are totally personal and irrelevant (e. g. phone number); ageist/sexist/racist in content (how old, what sex, what race; and even babies are to be counted?! They can’t vote and they can’t pay taxes, but I’m sure their existence is excuse enough for population growth, increased local/county taxes, and school funding.); or redundant (anybody else living here with you?). The last question was regarding another address I might also occupy, such as a nursing home or prison. The information they wanted from that is too obvious: they could come for my house, or come for me.

    Guess they’ll have to come TO me for any answer, because I seem to have lost the form before I could mail it off.
    In reading “Linux, Freedom and Frontiers” (an excellent article — it’s a keeper), I’ve often wondered about something similar to the “Lonesome Dove” reference in setting up a freedom community: What would we do after we got there? Would “keeping” freedom fit in with our original goal of “finding” freedom — or would we become so safe and complacent that we’d allow our freedoms to be chipped away blindly in the name of compromising friendship and good will?

    I realize how we feel about it now, but *not every community will turn into a Hardyville.* Even a well-intentioned populace can become overrun by too many Dora-the-Yalies (or worse) early on in building the community. How do we find more Charlotte Carolinas, and less “Birkenstockers”? (I hate to use that term, because I happen to like Birkenstocks.)

  2. George Potter
    George Potter March 30, 2010 1:04 am

    » Even the lefties hate the ObamaCare bill — and for some of the same reasons we do.

    My brother and I just amused ourselves for over an hour reading from the comments on that piece in a variety of silly voices. There’s something disgustingly amusing about intellectual cripples fighting each other. 😛

  3. Philalethes
    Philalethes March 30, 2010 6:10 am

    Dog lovers will also find interesting a post on today’s LRC Blog: “Voluntariness and Animals“.

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