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Nadia the Noble

Nothing heavy-duty today. No depressing politics. No personal adventures. Just a picture to share.

While working on my first illustration job in … well, more years than I care to count, I ran across this drawing I did last year and forgot all about. It’s not Great Art, but I did like the way the blue paper becomes part of the drawing and contributes its tones to the complex colors of the fur.

Anyhow, this is Nadia (aka Nadja, Naja, etc.), my Noble Beast of a dog, who has the thickest, most lush ears, an extraordinary coat, and the demeanor of Rin Tin Tin:


I also uploaded this picture (including a much larger jpeg of it) to my online gallery of drawings and paintings. Hope you enjoy.


  1. Pat
    Pat April 30, 2010 5:12 am

    “…the Noble” — you called that right. She has dignity beyond mere pedigree. It’s a beautiful picture.

  2. MJR
    MJR April 30, 2010 6:39 am


    Thank you for the drawing.

    Your pooch is beautiful and I hope that you have him around for a long, long time. When I see drawings like this one I am reminded of a quote from Bonnie Wilcox who wrote:

    “Old dogs, like old shoes, are comfortable. They might be a bit out of shape and a little worn around the edges, but they fit well.”

    Have an awesome day.

  3. Victor Milán
    Victor Milán April 30, 2010 7:38 am

    That’s a great drawing. It does indeed capture Nadia’s noble look. She has a good one. She’s a very striking girl.

    I didn’t know drawing and painting were among your many skills. Congratulations on getting payin’ work in the field. Not easy to do.

    My Emma has a pretty good noble look to her as well, though I’d be lucky to capture it with even my meager photographic skills, forget about drawing. This despite the fact that, unlike Nadia, she has deeply silly ears. Basically, it’s a result of sticking little Shar pei ears on a big ol’ Black Lab head. Not her fault for being such an incongruous mix of breeds.

    Also: good to see you hitting the blogosphere. Anything that means we get more Claire is a good thing. Not incidentally, I think the times really call for that.

  4. MS Jordan
    MS Jordan April 30, 2010 5:10 pm

    ahhhh our hounds.
    What a great way to go into the weekend

  5. Tin
    Tin May 4, 2010 7:30 am

    Wow. That’s really good. Are you going to do any more sales to the general public? I have one original piece of yours, but I’d be very interested in maybe getting one or two more.

    Also, long time no read. Looks like you’re doing well for yourself, I’m happy to see.


  6. Mary Lou
    Mary Lou May 4, 2010 7:28 pm

    Oh Claire … Nadia is superb … a really good drawing too … I just lost my Ginger, my sweet Irish setter, to lymphoma … and I dearly wish I’d had the talent to draw a picture of her … enjoy each and every day, every minute, with your Nadia, truly animals are sent to us to give us a glimmer of heaven on earth.

  7. Winston
    Winston May 5, 2010 9:35 pm

    Beautiful work!

    More than anything I think you do a really good job at portraying the dog’s countenence and whatnot. As someone who has spent the better part of my life being within 20 feet of a dog I just don’t think most animal-centric artwork really properly captures the look on their faces; and it’s just like “here’s a dog”, they kind of seem out of context sometimes.

    But here I get the full sense of Nadia looking out over her territory with approval.

  8. naturegirl
    naturegirl May 9, 2010 3:42 pm

    There are artists that can capture likeness’ perfectly, and then there are artists like you that actually capture the spirit/soul within – which (in my mind) is the measurement of what makes an artist great(er)…

    There’s a “glow” or “radiance” that comes from your jewelry as well, it’s as if the metal and stones emit their own spirit or shine their best in their pairings, as well….

    How you present them on that site is just as important, just as harmonious in spirit…the whole vibe is respect, reflection of character, and “let it shine it’s own glow” for the all of the subjects….Thank you for bringing all that out in your works! It’s all so beautiful & real…..

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