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Only a Republican …

… could courageously admit that the U.S. government is flat outa money, proclaim the need to raise the retirement age to 70, endorse an overhaul of all “entitlements,” state that it’s time to tell the American people “we’re broke” … and then say … wait for it … wait for it …



War. Yeah. Not as in “defending our shores from foreign invaders.” But as in propping up inept dictators and their drug-kingpin families and sending computer-driven drones to kill women and kids because our peace-loving Democrat president thinks it’s a great idea and because we still can’t find Osama bin Laden nine years later so we’ll just keep whacking ragheads for the heckofit but when we’re done they’ll love us because we brought them the blessings of civilization not to mention finding real-or-illusory minerals we can exploit, but of course strictly for the benefit of the democracy-worshipping, freedom-loving but on the other hand primitive, dirty, barely out of the caves Afghanis who are beating us not because they’re past masters of eons of guerrilla warfare but only because (just as in Vietnam) we’re not allowed to kill enough of them to show them how to be truly civilized and grateful to us. That war.

John Boehner. Hands-down winner of the Statist Pig of the Day Award.

Of course, R-partyarchs aren’t the only pernicious morons with a pulpit. There’s this babe in Chicago talking about ways to outfox the Supreme’s on yesterday’s McDonald decision. But Mara. Baby. You can’t reduce the number of handguns in Chicago. Remember, you have a handgun ban. There are no guns in Chicago! Isn’t that how they tell us bans are supposed to work? They make all guns go away, right??? So what can you possibly be talking about?

Okay, I know. I’m not supposed to go on about Stupid Gummint Tricks. But really. Sometimes these people are SOOOOOO amusing. In a Twilight Zonish, please-go-away-because-you’re-making-my-brain-hurt kinda way.


More on morons: Ambrose Evans-Pritchard gives a grand, glorious whack to one of their number at the Federal Reserve.

That particular moron has taken such a blogospheric beating that I could almost feel sorry for him. Almost. But who can resist Evans-Pritchard when he not only rips that poor snooty economist fella a new one, but asks if it’s time to get rid of the entire Federal Reserve? (Ron Paul, I think he’s just one upped you on your “audit the Fed” cry.)


  1. Jackie
    Jackie June 30, 2010 6:11 am


    Some musings by my brother that I thought you would appreciate.

    Wherein lies the higher morality?
    Gordon Case
    June 28, 2010

    Our country has “progressed” from where man could rise or fall on his own
    merits and enjoy the fruits of his labors without the threat of them being
    stolen by the now largest of all looters in the world, the U.S. Government.

    We are now a nation where those that produce become the servants of those
    who don’t (parasites) by the force of law. The parasites are the masters,
    based only on need. The parasite’s needs become entitlements, or rights, to
    steal the labor and property of others under the force of law. Their “need”,
    when turned into a “legal” entitlement by force of law, relegates property
    rights of others to be inferior. I see no equal protection under the law
    within that system. The purveyors of such lawlessness, when challenged,
    quickly turn the argument into one of “fairness” or “compassion” with
    pitiful attempts to even use the Bible as justification, the very book they
    curse, mock, routinely ignore and have tried to legislate out of the public
    domain of ideas and practice.

    All such systems will crash and burn in the end as they destroy morality and
    self respect. Those who are producers become laden with the burden of being
    both producer, from whose wealth is confiscated by force, and beggar, forced
    to be dependent on handouts or subsidies nearly impossible to avoid (as
    their wealth was stolen). They are turned from being self sufficient to
    dependent by the force of law. They are caught in a dichotomy of
    frustration, knowing they are in an unjust system but sometimes unable to
    figure out exactly why. They are constantly told their motives of profit are
    evil but it seems their accusers see nothing wrong in stealing that profit
    and using for their own selfish purposes. So, profit isn’t the problem as
    long as it is communal, only when an individual claims it as their own do
    the howls of the plundering “moralists” appear. These unjust accusing
    thieves have been effective in claiming to own the high road of morality but
    in reality they are the lowest form of hypocrite the earth has seen to date.

    If we as a nation do not have the stomach for rooting out plunder then we
    hardly have the right to be secure in our persons or property and shouldn’t
    be surprised when they are attacked by the hypocrite hordes of parasites.
    They have an insatiable appetite for loot. When the law encourages, feeds
    and protects that appetite, is it any wonder why we have an abundance of it?
    The “legal” looter’s “profit” comes from the organization of force to steal,
    the producer’s from labor and organization of mental and monetary capital.
    Wherein lies the higher morality? You choose.

  2. Jeffrey Quick
    Jeffrey Quick June 30, 2010 7:32 am

    I’m so sorry that my state inflicted Boehner on you. He’s right; a political rebellion is brewing…and he better watch out.

  3. Matt
    Matt June 30, 2010 3:14 pm

    Our corporate government needs the money to wage war, to set those poor Afghans free so they will be able to “freely” give corporations mining rights to all those “new” mineral rights just discovered. If we don’t set them free, well, the Chinese, might do it first!

    Avatar was just a cartoon, Avatar was just a cartoon…..

  4. Kevin
    Kevin June 30, 2010 6:16 pm

    if Ron Paul was able to get a complete, honest and open AUDIT OF THE FED, the American people would reject anymore shenanigans and END THE FED TODAY!!!

  5. Ellendra
    Ellendra June 30, 2010 8:07 pm

    I’m reminded of an article posted in one of your previous blog entries, Claire. The one that defined “freedom” as self-reliance? By that definition, most Americans have never been free.

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