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Book update

Paladin Press will be shipping copies of The Bad Attitude Guide to Good Citizenship to me tomorrow via priority mail. That means I’ll have them Saturday or Monday and will immediately begin shipping your orders to you.

I confess that on several days, between orders and work, I got overwhelmed. Overwhelmed in a good way — but still overwhelmed. If you have sent an order and haven’t gotten an acknowledgment from me, please contact me (books at If you’ve ordered via PayPal, your order information will be there (even though, in a few cases I either didn’t receive, or received very late, the emails PayPal usually sends me). If you’ve received more than one confirmation, shake your head and forgive me, please.

Also, if you haven’t told me the name you want the autographs made out to, please do that now. If an order comes from someone with one of those blessed names that has few or no nicknames (Judy or Todd, for instance), I’ll autograph to that name unless you tell me otherwise. You Williams and Charleses and Elizabeths who have possible nicknames up the wahzoo (some of which I know you just plain hate), please include the preferred version of your name in PayPal instructions or send me an email giving your preference. Ditto if the book or books are to be gifts. If I don’t receive instructions, and I have any doubt, I’ll just skip the personalization of the autographs for that order. Okay?

With your kind help, we’ll get those books on the road in a few days!

P.S. I’m going to have to be ordering more books from Paladin, I’m sure. If anybody’s interested in getting an autographed copy of my earlier Paladin books (The Freedom Outlaws Handbook, $30, or I Am Not a Number!, $25), contact me. I’ll charge the same price Paladin charges, but as with other books, U.S. buyers will get free media mail shipping and everybody will get an autographed copy.

There will be some delay with those books because I’ll order from Paladin only about once a week, as orders come in. I’ll make sure to ship all books in time for the holidays, though.

Any questions? Just ask.

And once again — many, many thanks.

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