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Monday miscellany

  • “Confessions of a Spendaholic.” How to curb compulsive spending. (And that’s not just for people who have closets full of shoes they never wear. Even thrift-store impulses can bite you. Ask me how I know.)
  • Turns out that drug-dog and bomb-dog handlers are unconsciously signaling the animals to produce false positives. That’s aside from the ones who do it deliberately. ADDED: Radley Balko has more on this study and others that show how cop-canine interaction is used to hurt the innocent.
  • “Dogs must be banned from all public places!” (Never fear: spoken with tongue firmly in cheek.)
  • Still, the Brits — or at least a goodly share of their government officials — really are amazing idiots.
  • But while we’re on the subject of animals: A Chance for Bliss. Now these folks are animal heroes.
  • State governments are increasingly exploring gold as money.
  • Every once in a while I’ll be googling about some topic and one of my old articles will pop up high among the results. Quite often, it’s an article I’ve forgotten all about, like this 2006 Loompanics piece. Parts of it are definitely dated. But yesterday’s blog about HBGary and its creepy “spy ties” between the federal government and big money definitely make it feel relevant.
  • Who said that strikes by government employees were “unthinkable and intolerable”? You’ll probably never guess. But there was a time, and not so long ago, when virtually nobody thought government employees should have collective bargaining — because even the biggest liberals recognized it was unfair to taxpayers who would have to pay but would nave no seat at the table.

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