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“Decentralizing the Internet So Big Brother Can’t Find You”

… That’s the title of a New York Times article about a proposal by Columbia law professor Eben Moglen to “rebuild the Internet” (without government this time) for greater privacy and individual control.

Moglen has created the Freedom Box Foundation to help develop this ideas.

I’d love to hear comment from you tech-oriented readers on how (or whether) you think this would work and how it might change the Netiverse.


I’ve got three article deadlines this week, followed by a very special project. So blogging might be “lite” for the next few weeks. To keep the silence from getting deafening, I’m prepping some blogitude in advance (this one’s being put into the queue on Sunday afternoon, though it won’t appear until Tuesday). I’ll try to keep small bits coming, and might even make time for something “heavier.” But don’t worry if a few days go by without a posting.

If you really need a Claire fix, there’s always DGC (Digital Gold Currency) Magazine, which, if you go back to the 2009 and early 2010 issues, has (among other things of interest to hard-money and alternative-payment folk) a few of my lesser-known articles that might keep you happily occupied.

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  1. bumperwack
    bumperwack February 22, 2011 8:12 pm

    anything other than a daily claire-fix is a brutal shot of methadone……..

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