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Monday morning data dump

Stuff I’ve been saving up …

  • Thomas Jefferson’s bible. I used to have a copy of that. Might still be in the bookcase of my ex-Significant Sweetie.
  • Mmmmm. Pickled carrots. Another of my favorite things, but usually too expensive to buy at a store. Must try that recipe.
  • A so-far neglected discussion thread started by Rarick over at The Mental Militia forums has some definitely odd links “for the bored prepper.” Or non prepper. Definitely for gearheads. This one is supposed to repel dogs. But I think at least one of mine would think it was a dandy playtoy. And this one? Urk! But if you’re recently divorced and have money to spare, it might be for you.
  • Been meaning to blog the latest from the Gunowners’ Friend Chuckie Schumer. But Oliver beat me to it.
  • Still, it’s fun thinking how much stuff like this must upset poor, petulant little Chuckie.
  • And speaking of authoritarians … Geraldine Ferraro bites the dust. The MSM wants us to remember her for two related things: being a pioneering woman in politics and being the first woman ever to get an electoral college vote. The latter claim — even though it appears in some textbooks — ain’t so. That honor (if such it is) belongs to Libertarian Party VP candidate Tonie Nathan, a full 12 years before Ferraro’s run. My memory of Ferraro is something different. While listening to her giving her acceptance speech I realized the Dem party had moved away from its last vestiges of classic liberality. She was a plain old law-n-order control freaking authoritarian (the lawnorder part occurs in the last minute, and listen to the crowd roar in approval). Philosophical auntie to HRH Hillary. And the party ate it up — and still does.
  • Just in case you need even more news about how your cellphone might be tracking you. (NY Times free subscription link.)
  • Signs say cops keep out. Bit complicated, though.
  • The Honey Comb. Extremely cool personal grooming-and-security product. (Tip o’ hat to T.)


  1. Jeffrey Quick
    Jeffrey Quick March 28, 2011 9:06 am

    I put up 8 pints of zanahorias en escabeche several weeks back, with a different and simpler recipe that I have on the home puter, but can’t find online again. I opened the first one Saturday, and…yum! I might make more…lots of carrots in the barn yet, and the weather is warming up.

  2. Claire
    Claire March 28, 2011 9:17 am

    Jeffrey Quick! Recipe! Recipe!

  3. Claire
    Claire March 28, 2011 9:23 am

    Samuel Adams — Michael and Kathy have written a novel on the life of Jesus? That should be very good. I just put a hold on it at the library.

    I don’t know about annoying “religious nuts.” That’s not why I linked to the story about the Jefferson bible. I know plenty of nuts out there (they bang on my door regularly and one owns a local second-hand store that I would love to shop in if she just would just quit following the customers around, threatening us with hellfire). But for the record, a lot of believers read this blog and I haven’t seen a hint of evidence that any are nuts. In fact, many strike me as people who’d like to have more insight into Jesus’ life without church censorship and dogma getting in the way.

  4. Guffaw
    Guffaw March 28, 2011 9:35 am

    To be fair, about 25% of the MSM have used the caveat ‘major party candidate’ when speaking of Ms. Ferraro. But, of course, no one cares about facts.

  5. Pat
    Pat March 28, 2011 10:09 am

    I’ve read “The Betrayal” and it’s quite interesting. It can be controversial to those who don’t or won’t accept its “revisionist history”, but the authors went out of their way to be factual (as is usual with them on any subject).

  6. Samuel Adams
    Samuel Adams March 29, 2011 7:40 pm

    @Pat: As you say, they go out of their way to be accurate, and show it. They regularly have multi-page bibliographies. and Betrayal is endnoted.

    @Claire: I was careful to specify “nuts”, i.e. crazy people, i.e. people who can’t handle reality. There are plenty of believers who can handle reality quite well.

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