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Month: June 2011

A middle-class shrug?

A few weeks back (thanks to alert blog readers) we read about the notable “shrug” of “Mad Men” ad-man and restauranteur Jerry Della Femina. And surely Della Femina fits the typical profile of a Randian shrugger (i.e. he’s self-made and rich). But what about the rest of the world? A lot of us here have already shrugged in various ways. We’ve left “respectable” jobs to move into the backwoods. Some have given up entirely on “official paperwork.” We’ve done our best to keep a low profile and make a low economic impact. But face it, when we dropped out most…


What do you think you’d do in a hyperinflation?

I hesitate to ask this question because I’ve found that when speaking from voice of experience, you guys are brilliant. But when we’re talking hypotheticals … well, we’re talking hypotheticals and sometimes all of us merely repeat freedomista cliches. But here’s the question: What do you think you’d do in a hyperinflation? I’m not talking about some post-apocalyptic George Romero scenario where starving urbanites are crawling through your windows in search of your stash of freeze-dried potato dices and fruit galaxy. I’m talking about getting along — as people did in Weimar Germany, Zimbabwe, and most other places when their…