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Month: September 2011

When bad is all you’ve got

This isn’t a post about art. But it begins with bad art because that’s what I produced today. To wit: I labored on it all afternoon. I thought about what I wanted to do for days before that. And it sucks. Don’t tell me otherwise. I’m posting it because it’s bad. Because all my life I’ve felt that if I do bad work (especially bad artwork), I’m a bad person — a valueless person that others will simply laugh at. And I need to get over that. So posting a crappy piece of art is therapy for me. But this…


Half of us are crazy

… at least part of the time. So say government mental health “experts.” The answer? More “surveillance.” Yeah. That’s what they say. Surveillance. If half of us are mentally ill (and being sad these days seems to count as a top “illness”), you’ve really gotta wonder: Which freaking half? The half that thinks stuff like this is pernicious nonsense? Or that half that lines up for “treatment” for every little twitch or sorrow? The half lining up to make Big Bux by persuading us (and Our Beloved Government) that we’re all wackos appear to be pretty darned smart at the…


Two for Labor Day

First, the bad news Then, the … well, the more interesting news. (I’ve read this info before, but I always love it. This piece reminds me of the “history you never knew” articles the late, great Loompanics used to print in its awesome quarterly catalogs.)


Monday miscellany

Qaddafi: Our Mortal Enemy. Yeah, I guess he must have been, given the company he kept. Ooooh. What would you do? How come with them it’s always “a training issue”? That is, when it’s not a non-disclosable “personnel matter”? Or, (via Joel and Carl) the result of stress? I dunno about you, but I know lots of people with PTSD who don’t routinely threaten to assassinate their fellow humans. (Carl also asks an excellent question about cops and military service here.) The freelance revolution. This is either an attempt to put lipstick on the unemployment pig or it’s the MSM…



A while back, I wrote verbosely about a concept that’s better described in one word: Endgame. Justin Raimondo got me thinking about Endgame again this week when he opened one of his sterling rants with a reference to the final stages of the American empire. The article he linked with the words “final stages” would seem like a little nothing to most people. The link takes the reader to a news item about the South Korean government buying gold. Only awarefolk would grok why Raimondo considers South Korea’s purchase of gold to be a sign of final stages of anything…


Atlas Shrugged: the DVD

Just got the word: Atlas Shrugged, Part I will be out on DVD on November 8. They’re taking pre-orders now. Confusingly, there are four editions & it’s not clear what the differences are between them, other than some commemorative labeling. Still … the price is reasonable and it’s good news for all you backwoodsers who never got a chance to see the film in Big City theaters.


Catching up

Whew, it feels good to have all those deadlines met! Yesterday, after all the immediate work got turned in, felt free and light. Didn’t hurt that it was also sunny — one of those late summer days that’s unusually warm, yet carries a tinge of fall. I’m still not ready to say anything really profound, witty, or snarky, so pardon me while I slowly work up to all that. In the meantime, randomness … —– I discovered something Outlaw Cockapoos might take advantage of. Have you heard of Individual Development Accounts? Heck of a deal for those hoping to profit…