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Month: December 2011

Too good and too true?

Two on the military: Almost certainly too good to be true. But wouldn’t it be wonderful? (Tip o’ hat to JS.) Definitely true and far less good, particularly in light of the onrushing National Defense Authorization Act ADDED: Speaking of the NDAA, why are they continuing to be so secretive about it even now that it’s gone into conference committee? (Another h/t JS.) And speaking of “too good to be true,” if you were encouraged by the Obama administration’s threat to veto the bill if it contained the military law-enforcement and limitless detention provisions, you can stop now. Our Glorious…


When seniors explode

And to lighten the mood … Here’s brief commentary from one of my favorite radio guys, Dave Ross: “When Seniors Explode.” (Hint: His topic is the TSA.) This comes courtesy of one of my even more favorite radio guys, Brian Wilson.


So many days of infamy

(A rant.) Yesterday were were all supposed to pause and “remember” the bombing of Pearl Harbor, even though most of us weren’t alive then and therefore can’t actually remember it. Of course we should be aware of important historic events. But why is it always a matter of dates and photos and survivor accounts without context? And why must we genuflect only to certain dates? December 7, September 11, July 4? We perform our obeisances to the horrors and tragedies of December 7, 1941, then go about our business. How many of us ever even learned that the very next…


Wednesday miscellany

Shut up. When the Feds are involved. Because this is one way they trick you into becoming a felon, as Ken at Popehat knows. Incredible videos of bizarre natural phenomena. Freedom Feens Fun Forum. New kid on the block for freedomista discussion. From Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi. Dave Duffy blogged this first, but it’s encouraging enough to deserve repeating. “For your own good” is the same the world over. (Tip o’ hat to DA.) Standardized testing: it’s even worse than you might think. (Tip o’ hat to JS.) Bring health care back home. Tenting in the old backyard.…


Justice and shopping

So my friend and I showed up at the courthouse yesterday, properly (or rather improperly) disarmed. She even left her nail file in the car, just in case, and I carried a purse (I never carry a purse) that was so light I felt naked. No flashlight, no pepper spray, no multi-tool, no spring-assisted pocket knife, no hardware whatsoever. The courthouse, in a bigger county than this one, was a “real” courthouse — swarming with lawyers and built to impress 19th century citizens. Domes and grand staircases and mosaic floors and all that. In the courtroom, the ceiling soared to…


Monday musings

I have to go to court today. No, nothing I did. Just giving support to a friend whose ne’er-do-well son is in trouble again. Going through my fanny pack to make sure I’m courthouse-ready. You know, it’s amazing the amount of stuff folks carry every day that some other folks might consider a weapon. I’ll probably just stash the fanny pack and put keys, cash, and ID in a pocket lest some letter opener or multitool freak out the paranoiati. —– I’ve got two multi-tabbed browsers full of links I’ve been saving for you. But between revelations of Fed shenanigans…


An oldie: Sex, Drugs and Good Deeds

Here’s another oldie on the subject of resisting evil and stepping up to make the world just a tiny bit better. I’d forgotten all about having written it until a friend mentioned it the other day: “Sex, Drugs and Good Deeds.” I guess I can confess now that “Mrs. Smith” was me. Nobody here will be surprised.