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Month: February 2012

Man in a kilt

A couple of years ago, a young friend asked me to draw this picture of him. At the time, I just wasn’t up to it. Now — just ever-so-slightly belatedly — I’m making a start. I like it so far. But since I’m now reaching the point where my next step is inevitably to ruin it, I thought I’d post the in-progress version for posterity. 🙂


Thursday links

In the last week, instead of posting miscellany here at the blog, I’ve been taking it to Twitter. Matt suggested that in a comment and it’s definitely a good way to go. Contrary to some folks’ fears, you don’t have to join Twitter to read those tweets (100 and counting, including re-tweets). Just click the link in the stickied post up above. I don’t think that gives you the full picture, as following me (gods forbid, they really need a better term — flocking; flying; singing; migrating) on Twitter would do. But it’s a good way to get your miscellany…


When to be meek? How about never?

Don’t get me wrong. Bryan Caplan makes some pretty good points in his short commentary “When to be Meek.” He notes that the oft-given advice to stick up for yourself and demand what you want can backfire on you. He’s got a point. If you want to spend your life and career in the conventional middle of things, a whole lot of “please, may I” and “yes, sir” might go farther than confronting the boss and Making Demands. But who the heck wants to spend life in the conventional middle of things? Oh, I’m all for “please” and “thank you”…


I’m beginning to think I made a mistake

Loud parties all over the neighborhood yesterday. Well, it’s Carnival. One loud week a year, no problem. A Fourth of July that goes on for two weeks, no problem. But the neighborhood of my new-old house is beginning to get me down. Badly. You buy in a poor neighborhood, you expect some stuff. And hey, I’m the person who once told a real estate agent I’d rather live next to tar-paper shacks than the McMansions he insisted on showing me. But on top of the Notorious Neighbor from Hell, the quality of living here has deteriorated in the last year…


The Tireless Agorist

Since joining Twitter (which, seriously, does have some uses) I’ve been following a new-but-prolific blog The Tireless Agorist. I’ve just added it to the Living Freedom blogroll under two categories. I’d have done this in any case because “Agorist Don” writes himself one good blog. But it doesn’t hurt at all that today’s entry is about Hardyville.

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Sound and fury

I read this on Friday and have been mulling (okay, grousing about) it ever since. Dan Rowinski is mad-mad-mad at the online companies who, one after another, steal users’ data, then (inevitably) go, “Whoops. Oh, it was just an accident! We’ll fix that now.” He’s sick of the repeted abuse. Sick of the lies. Sick of being used. Sick of having to be on alert all the time. Sick even of hearing about it. Yes, Rowinski is mad-mad-mad. So what’s he going to do to combat that data rape or protect himself? … I say screw it. Screw the companies…


Sweetie needs your help

Saturday, March 24, 2012. Stickied. Scroll down for newer posts. A couple of weeks ago I blogged about Sweetie, a deaf Australian cattle dog (blue heeler) in need of a home. Unfortunately, she’s had two homes since then — and seven since November. None have worked out. An ACD expert here in the northwest (where the breed is more common) says behavior problems that are mysterious and frightening to people unfamiliar with this very special dog are just normal, though unfortunate, reactions of an ACD neglected and under stress. The more she gets rejected, the worse Sweetie’s stress becomes. So.…


Thursday miscellany

“Pigeon: Impossible.” 🙂 How companies learn your secrets. The bit about the pregnant women (pages 6 & 7) is the creepiest. Hint: aside from not giving ’em any personal data (e.g. pay cash, never participate in a survey, etc.), don’t be a creature of habit. Oh, those tidy Swiss. Now they’re set to clean up outer space. How the brain responds to disaster. This specifically pertains to earthquakes, but I know from experience that it applies more broadly. (Tip o’ hat to PT.) Long feared, now here: microchips you swallow with your meds to report your body’s doings. This is…