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The plan for Sweetie

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Thanks to your generosity, we raised enough overnight to transport Sweetie the deaf heeler from South Carolina to the Pacific Northwest, where she can get care and rehabilitation from an expert in the breed.

Not only that, but you’ve kept on giving so her rescuers will have funds for food, heartworm medicine, and even sessions with a professional behaviorist, should that be needed.

So here’s the plan. Linda, the breed consultant Mary Lou and I have been working with, has agreed to take Sweetie herself. Linda has turned around many dogs judged “hopeless.” I’ve known her work with ACDs for years.

Mary Lou is making the arrangements and we’re expecting Sweetie in the Northwest this weekend. Sweetie will stay with (gulp) me for a couple of weeks until Linda’s current “hard case” has found a home. Then she and Sweetie will get to serious work (and play, and loving).

Linda volunteers with a 501(c)(3) called The Pet Adoption Network. So if you want to donate to Sweetie’s care and rehabilitation, you can send money directly to them via that link. (The PayPal form linked from that page doesn’t allow you to leave a note, so please also send an email to PAN (contactpan at and tell them your contribution is for Linda W. and Sweetie the ACD.)

Anything you’ve already sent above the transport costs will also go to Linda and PAN.

Thank you, everybody, for all your good wishes and the help you’ve given, and continue to give, to Sweetie.

I’ll leave this post stickied for at least a week, then will have an update once Sweetie has officially become a westerner.

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