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Which are the real pigs(ala Animal Farm) in Michigan?

This is about a court hearing held last week for one of the Michigan pig farmers resisting the slaughter of heritage breeds.

Via Bakers Green Acres, which has become Information Central for this particular tyranny (capitalization and punctuation per the original):

According to several counts, between the Attorney General, DNR and Department of Agriculture there were 17 State of Michigan Employees in the courtroom concerning this case. The lead characters were all dressed in black (Mark likened it to the Matrix). Security was intense. At this small, rural county courthouse everyone was supposed to go through metal detectors, past numerous deputies and State Police Troopers. An explosive sniffing dog walked through small groups of farmers and supporters. Mark noticed a couple scruffy looking fellows in overalls and talked to one of them on a couple of separate breaks. The fellow shared that he was currently unemployed, homeless, and had nothing else to do, so he came to see the proceedings. Ah, OK. Mark then asked how an unemployed fellow such as himself made it past all that security into the courtroom with a concealed gun and wearing a Kevlar vest. The fellow quickly found someone else to talk to. There were several similar experiences related by others who attended. As with other meetings with this agency, the farmers and ranchers were “disarmed” with great show (not that there were any arms in the first place) while the agents went to great lengths (and expense) to show their force.

You really have to wonder how much longer these people imagine they can keep up even the pretense of government being of, by, and for the people.

(H/T Michelle.)


  1. Michelle
    Michelle April 27, 2012 5:25 am

    Don’tcha just love the FBI agent dressed as a “unemployed, homeless” man to gather intelligence on the farmers that might be carrying bombs because of course all us Michigan farmers are Militia!! Sheesh.

    What scares the heck out of my husband and I is that this is not some Jack Bauer fiction but real life in our own backyard. If it can happen to them, it could happen to us. What’s next? Our breed of goat or chicken or even plant will be considered a non-native invasive species?

  2. Darna
    Darna April 27, 2012 7:54 am

    wonder how long before people are considered the ”non-native invasive species” and subsequently ordered to their assigned gas chambers. I would bet most people will happily line up for it as their master knows best. There is absolutely NOTHING that can be done to them that they will resist or say NO to. only a handful resist. the rest obey every whim of their chosen master.

  3. EN
    EN April 27, 2012 10:11 am

    The level of government intimidation is directly linked to their level of fear. Government fear is more often than not a result of internal discussions on the level of their own immorality. In other words they know their wrong and fear reprisals.

  4. Richard
    Richard April 27, 2012 10:21 am

    @EN well said. I used to think the general population was asleep but seeing the huge surge in gun purchases and the popularity of movies like the hunger games makes me believe many were just napping. People are waking up and the owners that be are afraid so the turn up the fear tactics. In otherwords terrorize the citizens.

  5. Ellendra
    Ellendra April 27, 2012 11:07 am

    @Darna: No need for gas chambers, just tell them it’s a vaccine. Or a contraceptive.

  6. Jeffrey Quick
    Jeffrey Quick April 27, 2012 12:17 pm

    Darna, I don’t think the Europeans who run this country want to gas the “non-native invasive species” of human…not unless they really want to give the place back to the Indians.

  7. clark
    clark April 27, 2012 9:36 pm

    There’s a lot of generals who have a lot of ideas, Jeffery Quick.
    The higher up’s have some ideas too.
    It won’t be a gas.
    It will benefit them.
    It will be much like it is now.
    Suffering is profit for some.

  8. Ellendra
    Ellendra April 28, 2012 6:59 pm

    Claire: An article in Countryside just pointed me toward and the front page has the number of new regulations added recently. 6,479 in the last 90 days. I took a screenshot and am posting it around where I can. Including my twitter account, @EllendraNauriel.
    (Warning: if you look at my other twitter posts, most of them are just me flirting at Cliff Simon, which was the only reason I broke down and got a twitter account in the first place.)

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