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Month: August 2012

Friday links

Oh yeah. I’m sure we’d all appreciate advice from this guy. Actual peasants. With actual (well, maybe wooden) pitchforks. protest government overreach into their farms. Another one to share with your friends who are just wondering how to begin preparing. And for those of you who thought seeing the face of Jesus on a piece of burnt toast was as silly as it gets: evidence to the contrary. So wait. Why are they arresting this guy? Hasn’t the gummint been telling us for years that waterboarding is a good thing? Gray State. Not sure just what a “conceptual trailer” might…


Free guns for everyone!

And a podcast: Michael W. Dean and Cody Wilson talk 3D printable guns. Even though I have at least one gun-making acquaintance who actually uses this technology, I admit I probably won’t understand 3D printing until I’m standing in a shop watching it be done. Or better yet, having a try at it myself. But you know, the idea of a “wiki weapon” is gloriously subversive and empowering to individuals (which is precisely what makes it so subversive). So I’m all for it. Of course. And it won’t take much to make this happen. We live in a world of…


Thursday links & ramblings

Sorry for “lite” posting yesterday. I’m deadlining all this month while also trying to paint, trim, and partially re-side two walls of the house. I bought shingles and cedar boards in April in a wild-to-the-point-of-insanity fit of optimism. I dreamed spring would shortly yield to summer. Yeah. The supplies sat in the yard getting rained on. Now, we’ve got a brief eyeblink of dry weather. So I’m juggling: work-work in the a.m., improvement-work in the afternoon, dogs and housework … somewhere. I’m also getting to know a video camera sent by Terry Bressi The Checkpoint Beater. The only previous video…


The War on Us

Everybody’s up in arms about this. They’re commenting up a storm. And we dare not let this event pass without giving it a hard, though quick, kick where it hurts. But c’mon. A) The article is just one idiot’s ill-informed concept of insurgency. (The Tea Party; oh please!) B) Is there one, single person here who doesn’t already know, who hasn’t known for years (and years!), that the U.S. military is gearing up for a War on Us? Heck, their shock troops — the militarized cops, the intimidators of the TSA, and all their verminous their ilk — have already…


Tuesday miscellany

(H/T furrydoc for that one. Great find, furrydoc. Hope it’s true the injured dog survived.) What information overload does to your brain. Speaking of which … how to deal with email overload. (Tip o’ hat to JG.) Another unimportant nobody who doesn’t trust the cloud. Some guy called Woz … Obamacare will create chaos. No sh*t, Sherlock. I know this is last week’s news and therefore happened in the ‘Netly equivalent of the Jurassic. It’s still marvelously weird. That angry farmer with the tractor deserves one more link’s worth of immortality.


Responsibility 101: Long-term thinking

I was e-talking the other day with the Infamous Oregon Law Hobbit. Turns out he and I both had the same thing on our minds: the problem of long-term thinking. Or rather, the problem of people who don’t do it. People who won’t (can’t?) consider that Action A will lead to Consequence B. Case in point: My freeloading neighbor. His family needs help, sometimes urgently. A few neighbors have given it. His response: he alienates the helpers. Never keeps his word. Never returns stuff he borrows. Never reciprocates. Always just expects more. Of course, this is one reason his family…


Phyles: rendering the state null and void

Had a visitor last weekend. An old online friend, S, whom I’ve been privileged to meet before in the real world. S knows a lot about many things including, unfortunately, cancer. One of the topics of our wide-ranging discussion was my local friend, J, who’s undergoing chemo for a pancreatic tumor. S had plenty to say and I asked him to put some of it in writing when he could spare some time from his travels (he’s a busy guy and was on a business trip when he stopped by my place). S drove away. But quicker than I’d ever…


Terry and the checkpoint goons, part II

Last week I interviewed Terry Bressi, the gutsy Arizona man whose nine-year effort won him a victory against the goons who dragged him out of his vehicle and illegally arrested him at highway checkpoint in December 2002. While it wasn’t a complete triumph because none of the individual miscreants were punished and drivers continue to have their rights violated, it was still a serious win. Terry notes, “Although I didn’t get the ruling/clarification I wanted from this legal action, my attorney reminds me that we squarely trounced them in the 9th circuit, pissed off the lower court judge to no…