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Practical preparedness essential; everybody should have this

The first entry in our “Two Weeks of Sanity” was inspirational. Now for the practical. Not just the practical — the essential.

You already know about the DIY Knoppix Thumb Drive Preparedness Project dreamed up by Mark/Greylocke. It puts 600+ preparedness documents at your fingertips — bootable on nearly any USB-capable computer. Carryable in an emergency. Great for a bug-out bag or any prepper stash. The only catch: it’s been a do-it-yourself project (and I confess, beyond the likes of me).

Reader Scott said he’d like to set up a mini-business supplying ready-made KTD drives. And with Greylocke’s cooperation, he’s done it.

Now, for just $10 above the cost of the thumb drive itself, you can get a ready-made bootable drive with vast amounts of preparedness/survival information on it. Just $30. Postpaid. For all that.

Scott’s making one for me right now.

For the few dollars extra, I hope you’ll send some business to Scott. Who went through a lot to set this up. Who has cancer. And who’s a dedicated reader of this blog. Besides, the DIY version is WERK!

Everybody should have one — or two or three — KTDs stashed various places. And how about telling prepper friends and neighbors about them, also?

NFI on my part. And frankly, not all that much FI on Scott’s, considering the amount of work involved.

You want an effective way to fight the bastards? Be ready not to need the bastards.


  1. Mark aka GreyLocke
    Mark aka GreyLocke December 18, 2012 3:51 am

    I was talking to Scott and he is trying to work out a better way to index the extra files that I put together. I think it will be a HTML front page similar to the CD3WD files, so if anyone has already made their own can just download it from me or Scott and copy it to their KTD Drive and it will work by just moving it to their Knoppix desktop and clicking on it.

    I have recently received the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica in it’s entirety, in PDF Format and it makes a very good reference addition, but at almost 4 GB I don’t think it will fit on the KTD and not all computers will recognize a thumbdrive larger than 32GB. So I’m trying to figure out a way to get that info out as well, in a way that it can be used efficiently.

    If anyone would like to help Scott and myslef with this project please send me an e-mail through my blog (Use the Greylocke e-mail address please)

  2. Mr Galt
    Mr Galt December 18, 2012 9:52 am

    Another alternative for Windows users might be “Portable Apps” (

    This is very easy to install and configure, and you can add popular applications to your key like a browser, email and chat clients, etc. It does NOT contain a complete self-bootable operating system however. But, what is nice about it, is you can connect to any Windows desktop or laptop, and run your applications in relative privacy without configuring the host machine or leaving traces.

    If the thumb drive you install it on is big enough, you can drop the guildes in PDF format onto it, and open at your leisure.

  3. Mr Galt
    Mr Galt December 18, 2012 9:53 am

    P.S. Portable Apps is also “persistent”, meaning you can setup your configurations for email and such, meaning you don’t have to re-do every time you pop it into a new machine.

  4. Mark aka GreyLocke
    Mark aka GreyLocke December 18, 2012 11:38 am

    You can set “Permanence” with Knoppix to save all your settings. I’ve found 1 gigabyte or 1000 bytes is more than enough with some room to spare for additional linux based programs you might want to install. I’ve got 2 of my KTD drives fully setup with a variety of programs including HAM Radio programs, audio and video editing programs in addition it already comes with Libre Office, Gimp and other open source programs already installed.

    SO if anyone wants to save their settings, when they first boot with the KTD Drive when it asks how large a “Permanence” they want they can enter 1000 for 1GB, if they feel they need more they can set it to as large as they have room on the KTD. Although I would reserve at least 1GB for any additional files Scott and I put together or they want for themselves

  5. winston
    winston December 22, 2012 2:39 am

    Used to have something like this that I made myself but honestly this seems like a better idea…when I made my own I kinda limited it to stuff that I found particularly interesting-and I was like 16 so it was mostly just a big collection of “informational purposes only” type of shit-when in a real situation it would pay to have a broader base of knowledge to pull from as far as the stuff that’s not particularly interesting that you think you’ll never need.

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