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Keep Joel’s eyes working

I’ve de-stickified my Christmas wish post because … well, I’ve got more than my share already, thanks to you.

For the rest of the year, here’s a better cause. Blogster extraordinaire and crotchety, fiercely independent desert hermit Joel has, as you may know, advanced glaucoma (and more about that).

He also has about $1.98 to his name. But. Thanks to Landlady (aka Debra), he’s finally got a PayPal donation button at the top of his blog.

So if you want to help Joel keep what little eyesight he has left so he can stay out there in the desert and not get stuck back in civilization (which believe me, neither you nor he want), please give to the “Keep Joel’s Eyes Working” fund.

Thank you for your support.

Oh, you can still keep using my Amazon links at any old time of year to give your v*te of confidence to me and the Living Freedom blog.

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