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Month: January 2013

Tuesday links, a cute cat video, followed by vigorous cussing at WordPress

Hey, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals says it’s okay to flip off a cop. Not necessarily smart, but okay. You can tell the nice officer that between taser zaps. (H/T to JW for the good news.) And speaking of police: Rapid DNA: a new tool coming soon to a thug near you. (H/T to J for the bad news.) Oh, c’mon. Did somebody in Congress really tell off Freedom Feens? Nawwwww. Really? It’s true Congressional staffers have committed some pro-government vandalizing at Wikipedia, so who knows? Well, that’s one way to get your stolen cellphone back. A French court…


Ironies from North Carolina;new gun-rights link on the blogroll

Two from North Carolina: Vehemently anti-gun state senator (they have those even down south, apparently) shoots an intruder. How many times can these self-righteous hypocrites get away with this kind of thing before slinking away into the murk from which they’ve barely emerged? (H/T G for the link.) (NOTE: LarryA caught that this is actually an old story. But the follow-up (link in the comments) is quite interesting.) Gun center gets overwhelmed after it offers free training to teachers. —– Thanks to jed, I’ve added Bob Owens’ blog to the blogroll under Self-Defense Rights. That’s one powerful voice. I fear…


Time’s Up!

Want to see something pretty amazing? Source. The emblem, of course, is the DullHawk flag, made by a man very familiar hereabouts. I’m the proud possessor of a full-size version. You can get various sizes of the flag and a pretty cool tee shirt from Kent “DullHawk” McManigal himself. NFI on my part, but wouldn’t it be great really to see it everywhere? And hear that buzzing? I’m going to add links to it to today’s earlier post where I talk about time. Should have thought to do that in the first place.


Raising the black flag and …

Okay, she says, speaking metaphorically but with steely determination, dagger between teeth. That was a nice, long break. But now it’s time to raise the black flag and commence to slitting throats. —– I see discouragement all ’round. Certainty of economic doom. Fear that we’re about to lose our gun rights. Rumors of Obama preparing to grab a third term (rumors not eased by sudden cawing from the chattering classes that we should just dump that old Constitution thingie because it keeps the gummint from doing everything on its wish list*). Dread of the looming Obamacare regime. And on and…


And now for the bad news

I pledged two weeks of good news. Are the two weeks up yet? Because I’ve been trying to resist saying something about the real crap that’s going on. Joel called it “Feinstein’s … Intolerable Act.” (The originals via Wikipedia.) Just two days ago, Mas Ayoob frothed about it. He made excellent points about the “unintended” intended consequences of Feinstein’s proposal. Even Pravda, freavensake, knows we shouldn’t put up with such. And while it’s too early to panic (it’s always too early to panic; in any case, Feinstein’s evil dream isn’t likely to see daylight unless Rs and Ds connive in…