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Month: August 2013

Anonymous: On dying of cancer

The following arrived yesterday from a no-reply email address and with no identifier other than “Anonymous.” I believe this is from the same “Anonymous” who posted at Joel’s Gulch the other day and posted here one time more than a year ago, again surrounding himself with privacy protections. I have no way of verifying any of this. But I don’t need to. It rings true. So I’ll just say thank you, Anonymous, and hope you enjoy every possible moment of the rest of your life. As crusty old Elias Alias would say — Salute! —– From Anonymous: Claire, I was…


Lady in Black: The Burka Avenger

This is pretty cool. (Source) The audience isn’t you and me, of course. It’s little girls in Pakistan who are suffering under religious fanaticism. The trailer’s in English, but the actual series is in Urdu. (And yeah, the fact that the Avenger chooses to wear a burka has been addressed. It’s not a symbol of oppression if you choose it — and use it as the Lady in Black does.)


Okay, so here I am. Sort of.

Okay, so here I am. Deadline met. Brief respite from this summer’s chronic busy-ness. Whew. I woke up in the dark this morning and sipped hot, sweet tea as I watched dawn creep in. Watching the world go from black to gray to subtle color has always been one of my favorite things. After months of barely noticing my surroundings, this quiet morning was especially welcome. —– But lounging around in my nightshirt sipping Ahmad English #1, however much a treat it may be for me, doesn’t make great blog fodder. Better blogitude comes from worse news: like the fedgov’s…