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Month: September 2013

Elio: I want one!

Oh man, I hope this turns out to be the real deal. ‘Cause I want one! I’ve always thought the first tiny, bare-bones Japanese imports of the 1970s were the perfect cars for me. Reliable, no-frills, front-wheel drive, affordable. Not a whole lot of comfort, but also not a whole lot of electronic this and automatic that to go wrong. Was a disappointment when regulations and market forces un-simplified the simple, basic, economy car. Now comes the Elio. Or next year comes the Elio. Okay, I dunno about the stability of that three-wheel design, and it’ll be some kind of…


For Labor Day: “Sixteen Tons” and “Dark Satanic Cubicles”

(Source) This Labor Day morning I found myself singing one of the greatest working-man songs ever. “Sixteen Tons” found its perfect voice in Tennessee Ernie Ford, who made a bazillion dollars off it in the 1950s. A few years earlier, its original author/singer didn’t fare so well. He got a visit from the feds, among other things. For writing a subversive song and being a “communist sympathizer” (though in fact songwriter Merle Travis was a patriotic country boy). Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. Today the armed hysterics would just use different terminology about people they fear. —-…


Who needs the NSA when you have Google and AT&T?

After the recent revelations about DEA snooping, I guessed the NSA would have to be involved. Hm. Not necessarily. Not when you have AT&T at your right hand. (Via Sipsey Street.) And how strange have things gotten — how very, very strange? — when you try to reach the Secretary of State and after gradually climbing the bureaucratic ladder, you end up getting a callback from Eric Schmidt’s girlfriend instead? Happened to Julian Assange. And does not appear to have been “an isolated incident.” How much longer can this corrupt, rotten, secrecy-obsessed corporate-state UberGovernment center hold?


Somebody’s scared

Jackson county, Mississippi, sheriff Mike Byrd was apparently a typical corrupt cop. If the accusations are true, he used his power to get everything from free lawnmower repair to a murder indictment against an innocent man. Alas, there’s nothing unusual about that. What’s unusual is the way the Christian Science Monitor used Byrd as a tsk-tsking hook for an article about how terribly, terribly dangerous the patriot-supported power of the sheriff is. You know the belief: the sheriff, the highest elected law-enforcement officer, is therefore the highest law enforcer, period. And — in desperate times — that makes him the…


I can do ya one better, Borepatch ;-)

Rugby, while not as bizarre as cricket, remains a mystery to me. But I’ve always gotten a kick out of the New Zealand AllBlacks and other Pacific Island rugby teams performing fierce, tribal hakas at each other before games. Today I learned from Borepatch that — srsly? — the good Mormons of Brigham Young University also perform a haka before rugby games. Yes. I agree it’s mind-boggling, Borepatch. Mormon haka. But I can do ya one better.* 😉 This is one of several (wouldn’t you know it) Mormon missionary hakas on YouTube: So yes. Mormon haka. Still boggles the mind,…