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Christmas shopping V: tools and home improvement

Amazon’s having a surfeit of specials this season on tools and home improvement.

I’m charmed by the fact that they even have a special category of gifts for the survivalist.

And gifts for the tool enthusiast (and isn’t that ALL of us hereabouts?). In that category, I especially like this cool little stocking stuffer: the MagnoGrip 311-090 Magnetic Wristband to keep nails, screws, and those ever-pesky nuts from going astray while you work.

Gadget geek? There are tools and devices for those, too (of course). Like this pricy but cool Nest Learning Thermostat that lets you control your home heat from your phone. Or a Kohler showerhead that also (seriously!) streams your favorite music (clearly, singing in the shower has come a long way recently).

If such fawncy, high-tech gadgets are beyond your tastes or your budget, there are still home improvement gifts under $25 and under $50.


Thank you for continuing to use my Amazon links for all your Christmas, Hannukah, Solstice, and just-in-general shopping. It makes a big difference. I apologize to those who don’t like these shopping lists, but several people have told me the lists really help them get ideas for gift giving.

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  1. naturegirl
    naturegirl November 28, 2013 5:53 pm

    Thanks for a list of the lists, seems I totally missed the gun stuff list. Love the better choice of purses there are lately, for those who like that method of carry, it’s improved greatly.

  2. revjen45
    revjen45 November 29, 2013 10:57 am

    Nothing I would rather find in my stocking than a pound or 2 of raw bacon marinating in a quart of maple syrup. Probably requires a bucket under it to catch the runoff.

  3. MamaLiberty
    MamaLiberty November 29, 2013 11:03 am

    Just ordered a bunch of bulk spices, especially needed for Christmas baking. They come in mylar storage bags, so the two pounds of pumpkin pie spice and another two pounds of cinnamon ought to last me a good long while. I also got onion granules for less than the ugly, cheap stuff at the dollar store. Onions are more than $1. a pound “fresh” here now, and they don’t keep well. Now I can use as much onion as I want, and none of it will spoil. I also don’t have to peel and chop it… kind of nice.

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