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Month: December 2013

Post Thanksgiving good-cop story. Sorta amusing. Definitely sweet.

Since I’ve done my share of ripping into thug cops, it always seems fair to give the better ones a tip o’ the hat. And this tale — from a freedomista’s wary daughter — is pretty cute. Her dad writes: So my daughter S. moved away from home at the beginning of November. She graduated from a medical arts program in June, and Florida seemed like a good place to be. My mother-in-law lives there in a [huge community almost entirely made up of seniors]. We packed up the car and my wife took S. to FL to stay with…


Space heaters. Made from candles and flowerpots.

I’m going to try these. This week. The simple one. With tea lights. The slightly more complicated one. With one candle and metal. Anybody hereabouts done anything like these? Will report further after I hit the hardware store — assuming they still have flower pots hiding in the back room after having stuck all those Christmas ornaments in the flowerpots’ usual place.


Sunday links

“Eh … they’re just people.” Drug warriors and cancer patients. (H/T Anon.) Not a big threat at this point, but a new virus targets “the Internet of things.” Which also means it’s targeting Linux. (H/T H) Quick! Somebody appoint Jim Rogers to head the Fed! (H/T JB) Wealth and inequality. No matter what your politics (or lack thereof), these charts are alarming. This is not what a healthy country looks like. The comparisons of perception-ideal-reality are fascinating, though. Protecting us against depressed paraplegic Canadians. And doing it in the creepiest possible way. “The congregation was besides themselves.” Ungrammatical but quite…


It’s Cyber Monday all week at Amazon

In our continuing Amazon holiday shopping (and shameless promotion) blogs … It’s Cyber Monday Deals Week all this week (Starting today) at Amazon. This week’s emphasis is electronics and computers, including specials on laptop computers, desktops and monitors and GPS and navigation. Also now through December 31, Amazon is having deals on all manner of other electronic devices. For example: Car stereos under $100 Tablet computers Cameras under $100 Cameras under $250 Bluetooth headsets And home theater systems Along with gifts for musicians like music-related stocking stuffers under $15 and musical instruments for kids for less than $50 and guitar…