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Month: May 2014


And while we’re at the cool little houses, how about some funky treehouses? Including a few you can rent for the night? (Tip o hat to ML for the creativity and the smiles.)


Tuesday links

Pop quiz! Don’t worry, only one question: What role do submachine guns play in the inspection of meat, the granting of farm subsidies, or the administration of food stamps? (The link is to PawPaw’s House. PawPaw is a cop and even he doesn’t like this one bit.) Bovard on Obama and cynicism. This reminds me once again how glad I am that Obama is so inept. Politicians who talk like he does are dangerous when they’re actually competent. Another schoolkid gets turned over to the cops. For a doodle. Government-run health care. ‘Nuff said. California sends another business packing off…


Friday links

Gunshot to butt helps … er, crack case. (H/T for the laugh to LA) No drugs, no alcohol. Just vast quantities of stupid found at the scene. Used to be, the more student debt you incurred, the more likely you were to own a house. ‘Cause after all, that debt meant you were better schooled, therefore better paid. Not so much any more. More on politically correct academia devouring its own. I liked Joel’s take better. Our Masters do not like being humiliated. (H/T Shel from comments) Susan Cain: TED talk on The Power of Introverts. Boy, is that the…


Thursday links

Aw, da poo widdle coppie. Him aw hurt because him being shunned after him was a bad coppie and … somebody decided to howl loud, long, and amazingly effectively for justice. Um, yeah. I don’t think I’ll be buying any new cars, thank you. (H/T J) Harry Reid’s Rule #1: Billionaires buying government are only bad when you disagree with them. (Jon Stewart whacks Reid with a cluebat.) With Google, I often think lately that its high-minded motto, “Don’t be evil,” was never anything but a cover for the slimy things it intended to get away with Apple, too. I…