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SAF files suit against I-594

As expected, the Second Amendment Foundation (in conjunction with other groups and individuals) has filed suit against Washington state’s ghastly new law, I-594. Grounds: vagueness, etc. That was also expected. A sixth grader could have written a clearer, more specific law.

Those of us who’ve been watching Gottlieb’s chicanery on “background checks” for the last few years will also not be the slightest bit surprised at this part of his statement announcing the lawsuit: “We’re not trying to stop background checks.”

Damn betcha he’s not. Gottlieb infamously wants background checks; he just wants them on his own terms and for reasons incomprehensible to anyone who believes in individual rights.

Still, the one thing SAF is good for is lawsuits, so this could be interesting.

ADDED: WA gun-rights activist Kit Lange has a detailed take-down. (Via Sipsey Street)


  1. jed
    jed December 31, 2014 11:14 am

    This is why I have such mixed feelings about the SAF. No denying they’ve been a thorn in the side of the gun grabbers, and I give them props for that.

    But how that manages to exist in concert with the legislative efforts? It’s discordian. (Not implying any linkage with the Church of the Subgenius.)

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