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I knit a dragon while attempting to stay sane

You know how last week I went off in a huff, unable to endure the stupid that blasts from the ‘Net these days like an old-fashioned Texas gusher?

Well, I decided for sanity’s sake to knit a dragon. This dragon.

Here it is on day one. That’s its head.

And. I was back online an hour after I huffed away. Sigh. Can’t win.

‘Cause this dragon, though probably only of intermediate knitting difficulty, was beyond me and right away I had to look up how to do some of the stitches. (Books tell this, too, but I left the excellent Knitting For Dummies with Joel when I left the gulch back in ought-10.)

So much for offline resolve. It’s as Ellendra noted in comments: love the peacefulness, miss the resources. The Internet: can’t live with it; can’t live without it. Now double that for anybody who makes a living on line.

But anyhow, I got my dragon done today. Here it is.

I’m thinking about giving it “fire breath” if I can find some flame-colored yarn. Could be a fun gift for a little kid.

And here it is being worn. Sorry for the blurry pic.

Not quite sure what I’ll do next to stay sane.

OMG, what if I run out of sanity-maintenance ideas?


  1. A.G.
    A.G. March 1, 2015 10:54 pm

    Felt could be used for the flames. Different colors and sizes, overlapped and glued together.

    Or not.

  2. LarryA
    LarryA March 1, 2015 11:08 pm

    In an insane world, sanity is not a feature.

  3. Karen
    Karen March 2, 2015 4:24 am

    I love it! It turned out great. The pics are just the thing to start my morning out on a happy note.

    And I know what you mean about the resourcefulness of the internet. That almost makes up for it’s annoyance factor.

    Yesterday the light bulb in the fridge burned out. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to remove the bulb’s “cage” to change it, and wasn’t in the mood to search the dark regions of the garage for the fridge’s manual. But found the answer on the internet in seconds. Same story with fixing our dryer last month.

    My favorite sanity saver is splitting firewood. It’s such a satisfying feeling planting an axe in something.

  4. kycolonel
    kycolonel March 2, 2015 6:34 am

    Sanity is over rated.

  5. Bear
    Bear March 2, 2015 6:57 am

    That’d go good with a Jayne hat.

  6. Glacier-Blue
    Glacier-Blue March 2, 2015 6:58 am

    That’s a very nice dragon.

  7. MamaLiberty
    MamaLiberty March 2, 2015 7:09 am

    Oh! I love your dragon! You could have a contest or a raffle for it. I’d wear it!

    Had to chuckle about the internet as resource, just a little. I do a lot of research on line for various things, and qute often remember the long hours and days it took for similar research when all I had was the library, even the university library. Not because the material wasn’t there, but because it was no cross indexed. It took time and serious work to find anything.

    The laugh comes when I find what I need on line, but there is so much MORE revealed that is interesting… and I can so easily wind up going off on tangents and have to come back with a jerk when I remember what I was looking for to start with. But I don’t fight with it. I limit myself to two “news” sources, one being RRND, and look at very few of the items shown. I just don’t have energy or interest to spare for most of it.

    Sure wish I COULD split wood, Karen. Got quite a bit of it that needs to be made into smaller pieces, but I just don’t have the strength or stamina. I bought a splitting “maul” and a wedge, but can hardly lift them and can’t make much of a dent in the wood with them. sigh Thank goodness for good neighbors. 🙂

  8. Claire
    Claire March 2, 2015 7:32 am

    “That’d go good with a Jayne hat.”

    OMG, indeed it would, especially because of the hideously clashing colors! Your comment got me looking up Jayne hat patterns online and — groan — did you know that Fox (after neglecting and abusing the show for its entire sad history), cracked down on people making them for sale?

    Not that I’d personally go into the commercial Jayne-hat business, but egads people!

    Thank you guys for the fun comments. ML … raffling or auctioning, now that’s a thought. And I’ll think about it.

  9. Paul Bonneau
    Paul Bonneau March 2, 2015 7:44 am

    That dragon is so cool, Claire!

    As to Internet sanity, or lack thereof, I always get back to that Mencken quote that is so on target:

    “Here (in America) the daily panorama of human existence, of private and communal folly, the unending procession of governmental extortions and chicaneries, of commercial brigandages and throat slittings, of theological buffoneeries, of aesthetic ribaldries, of legal swindles and harlotries, of miscellaneous rogueries, villanies, imbecilities, grotesqueries, and extravagances is so inordinately gross and preposterous, so perfectly brought up to the highest conceivable amperage, so steadily enriched with an almost fabulous daring and originality, that only a person born with a petrified diaphram can fail to laugh himself to sleep every night and wake up with all the eager, unflagging expectation of a Sunday-School superintendent touring the Paris peep-shows.”

  10. revjen45
    revjen45 March 2, 2015 8:11 am

    Am I the only one reminded of Cecil on Beany? Guess I just dated myself. Thanks for bringing back thoughts of Cecil – that went deep into the Old Memories brain file.

  11. Ellendra
    Ellendra March 2, 2015 11:57 am

    Love the dragon! And that’s the perfect color for it, too!

  12. just waiting
    just waiting March 2, 2015 12:05 pm

    Cool, a Selfie 🙂

  13. Plug Nickel Outfit
    Plug Nickel Outfit March 2, 2015 12:34 pm

    A bit more embellishment and you’d almost have a Scred there!

  14. jed
    jed March 2, 2015 3:26 pm

    Oh drat! Here I had my Cecil comment all ready to go! But you know, if that dragon were a tube, it could be a Cecil puppet. You do have a propellor hat, don’t you?

    I still consider Keiyla’s blog to be the definitive source for a cunning hat method. I assume it’s actually somewhat difficult to knit something which intentionally looks as if it was done poorly.

    And yeah, maybe sanity is over-rated. The trick is to maintain the outward appearance, so they don’t send the nice young men in their clean white coats …

  15. Bear
    Bear March 3, 2015 9:58 am

    Yeah, I knew about the Jayne hat “copyright” crackdown (more correctly for an item of clothing: trademark). So I made a point of stating my support for independents when I bought mine. Speaking as a much-pirated writer, copyright/trademark can be a crock of crap.

    “For the most part, Firefly fans online acknowledge 20th Century Fox’s right to defend its license, but question the company’s sudden enforcement of this one particular item.”

    Count me out of that “most part.” Fox never supported the show. They never made the much desired merchandise available. If they had any trademark interest in visually similar hats made to several patterns designed by several independent individuals due to the lack of an actual item, they surrendured it. Fox and their new licensees can kiss my muscular buttocks.”firefly”

    Well… ain’t that interesting. I’ve been doing a series of searches for live trademarks at USPTO-dot-gov. I’ve just been through several hundred registrations (searching under terms like “firefly”, “jayne”, “knit hat”, “hat yellow orange”, “cunning hat” and several other terms and combinations).

    I don’t see that hat trademarked, despite the so-called crackdown.

    Does anyone have a live reg number for it?

  16. Fred
    Fred March 3, 2015 11:33 am

    Love the dragon.Now I want the wife to make us Jayne hats,thanks for the link peoples.

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