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Month: April 2015

Aaaaaand … TZP is now “official”

You can finally join the partisans and even get yourself a cool morale patch to show your colors. It took us a while to get there. We’re all volunteers. With real lives, you know. (Damn reality; always getting in the way of everything.) But The Zelman Partisans has now made a true, solid beginning. UPDATE: Well, that was a bit embarrassing. The store broke after our initial tests but before we went live. Seems to be working now, so thanks for your patience. Go ahead and try again.


Still not a stand-off, but …

The Sugar Pine Mine situation in Oregon, which a lot of people have been cautiously watching, is not yet (and hopefully won’t have to become) a stand-off with the Bureau of Land Management. But according to David Codrea, Oath Keepers (bless ’em) has been on the scene to provide security as the confrontation remains tense. Oath Keepers is looking for responsible volunteers (no agenda-driven grandstanders/provocateurs) to support them at a noon rally in Medford, Oregon, today. They are also looking for a camp cook, medical personnel, and other volunteers with specific skills. They may need other help in the future,…

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Good stuff at TZP

Just a reminder that if you don’t regularly visit The Zelman Partisans, there’s good new material there at least several times a week. Among the latest: Sheila Stokes-Begley on the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising; Nicki Kenyon on a new “advance” in anti-gun stupidity (and a travel guide for your summer vacation); And me on an honest politician and women partisans.


Midweek links

The courts have been so all over the place on police search issues that it’s hard to say what impact this will have. But the Supremes just declared that cops cannot prolong a routine traffic stop even for a minute without legit cause. Inside the strange and wonderful world of micronations. Emphatically NSFW, but funny: company posts a … unique Craigslist ad for engineers. Bet we’ve all wanted to do this at some time or another. Looks like a must-see documentary (though the characterization of Tasers as “rifles” needs some explanation for sure). Gradeschooler challenges school anti-pot propaganda. His activist…


Ken at Popehat hits (another) one out of the park

“‘Safe Spaces’ and the Mote in America’s Eye.” For some time I’ve been mean to university students who feel entitled to a “safe space” — by which they seem to mean a space where they are insulated from ideas they don’t like. I call these young people out for valuing illusory and subjective safety over liberty. I accuse them of accepting that speech is “harmful” without logic or proof. I mock them for not grasping that universities are supposed to be places of open inquiry. I condemn them for not being critical about the difference between nasty speech and nasty…


Monday links

Immune-system drug combo “melts” tumors. Yeah, I know there are always reports like this that eventually come to nothing. But this is pretty dramatic. Are you nuts, Mr. Cop??? Officer shoots (at) dog in a crowd. Fortunately misses. Dog just looked as if it was being rambunctiously friendly, too. (Here’s the video if you can’t see it on that page.) If you’re going to have anti-abortion laws, you’re going to have to be prepared not only to prosecute every doctor, nurse, and med-tech for murder, but to investigate every miscarriage as a potential homicide. Some countries do. Results aren’t pretty.…


Where were you on April 19?

Where were you on April 19? On April 19, 1993 I was on a long drive toward a client’s headquarters when I heard the Branch Davidians were burning. For some reason I hadn’t taken the siege very seriously to that point (even though I’d taken the earlier Weaver siege as seriously as I’d ever taken anything in my life). Just a bunch of Jim Jonesy cultists, I thought. I figured the FBI would wait them out until Koresh got done with his preposterous “seven seals” manuscript, then peaceably arrest and later release most of them. Cause you know, why would…


Friday links

The story of the reserve deputy who killed a pinned-down suspect in Tulsa County gets worse and worse. Wonder who this cop is or who he knows that entire chains of officialdom were ordered to falsify records for him? Ohhhh, wait. It says right there in the article … Don’t be nervous now. It probably means you’re a terrorist. In the future your insurance company (ugh) will know when you’re having sex. And of course so will “security” ‘crats in DC. ‘Cause you know we still don’t have enough surveillance. I wonder … why don’t these people ever get that…


Wednesday links

“Oh crap! More ammo for the ‘ban body armor’ people.” Something on the lighter side from Y.B. ben Avraham. And exactly who here terrorized and abused those free-range kids? Just another example of why people are fleeing the biggest nanny states. Schadenfreude is so very ignoble. Still, it’s a delightful thing to see some of the greatest supporters of Obamacare getting skewered by it. This is one of those things you might have intuitively perceived but never quite believed: we recall better (especially recall concepts better) when we write notes by hand rather than type on a keyboard. Those “racketeering”…