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Month: November 2015

Weekend links

For some reason, the NRA sat on its review of the notorious Armatrix iP1 “smart” gun and just recently released it. They probably didn’t mean it to be hilarious, but it is. Ten ways to lessen your chances of being killed in a terrorist attack. #BlackLivesMatter may get all the press, but Tommitrise Collins, college student and new mother, is a lot more impressive. Wendy McElroy found this one first, but it should be spread far and wide: thanks to asset forfeiture, U.S. cops now steal more property than all the nation’s burglars combined. What The Hunger Games movies say…


A Friday ramble

A bird in the brush

Yesterday was the first moment after … ohhhh, 40 days and 40 nights … that it wasn’t either raining or threatening to rain. Between that and the end of the year’s big hunting seasons, the dogs and I were finally able to return to long, leash-free walks in the woods instead of annoying, leashed walks around town (annoying because Ava likes to gallop and Robbie barely moseys these days; I end up walking sideways with my arms extended in two directions).

It was glorious. Chilly, but blue and still.

On our afternoon walk, though, we came across a lone crow feasting on an elk ribcage. Ava — she of the killer prey drive — alerted and paused. Figuring the crow would fly off, I gave her permission to run at it.

It didn’t fly off. It hobbled into the weeds, limping and vainly flapping its wings.


Thursday links

The barebones truth about life in the trackless woods. (H/T MJR) Well, that’s one reason to join ISIS. Larry Pratt: time to make it clear that we will not comply. Crybullies, crymobs, and the left’s whiny war on free speech. That last paragraph is a doozy. (Tip o’ hat to D.B.) Court rules for husband (and contract) in frozen embryos case. (Having a baby — or not having one — is a lot more complicated than it used to be.) The Che Cafe is in the red and fans want California taxpapers and university students to go on subsidizing it.…


It’s so odd to live in a class-obsessed time

I grew up in a classless world. (Not classless as in “Donald Trump ain’t got no class,” but as in “Anyone can grow up to be president.”)

Maybe this was less true for some people of my generation, but I simply don’t remember ever caring two hoots about somebody’s economic class or status or anyone else caring about mine.


New TZP poll: dangerous Democrats

There’s a new poll up at The Zelman Partisans. This one does for the Dems what we did last week for the Republicans. Normally those of you who signed up for TZP alerts would have gotten word by now. Carl-Bear had a very good alert prepared for this morning. Unfortunately the site got attacked by somebody from Ukraine and the alert function is still not functional. Rest of the site and the poll (which is on a separate server) work, and the alert will go out once the Ukrainians and their aftermath are out of the way. Strange times.

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NorthWET winter: here it comes again

Remember the atmospheric river “fist” I blogged about on Friday? Well, here comes the second of the 1-2 punch: … and this time it’s coming in with winds high enough to knock down trees and knock out power. Ohhhhhhhhh I am so sick of winter! But. On the good side. After a year of drought and two weeks or so of early winter, the reservoirs here in the NorthWET hold at least a six-month’s supply. There’s snow for the skiiers, too. I haven’t checked. Are you Californians getting any of this? I know you need it. Far as I’m concerned,…


Not into Amazon? Or just prefer to support BHM?

Backwoods Home is having a series of holiday specials. These are limited-time only. In fact, here are two that end at midnight tonight: 1. Anthologies Special 2. Jackie Clay Special I’m sure there will be more as the season goes on. These specials are NFI for me — except for the interest you and I both have in keeping BHM going strong for all our sakes.

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Amazon Christmas shopping guide, 2:The comforts of home

In this week’s installment of my ongoing plot to lure you into using my Amazon links for your holiday shopping, I’m focusing on the comforts of home. Specifically, the warm comforts. It’s only mid-November and I don’t know about you but I’m already sick of winter. As I sit here typing this my fingers and toes are cold and it’s been raining so long I wouldn’t be surprised to see an ark floating by. So yes, I’m thinking some warm stuff would be welcome under anybody’s Christmas tree this year. For instance … How about some delicious flannel sheets? One…


Sunday links

I like Ross Douthat. In this day of screaming absolutes he always has a nuanced take on things. But even he says that the current campus crisis is something U.S. universities deserve. And if anybody had doubts about what a bunch of whiny brats those “oppressed” university students at Mizzou are, check out their reactions to the slaughter in Paris. Whaaaaaa-waaaaa, nobody’s paying attention to US! Will the little narcissists ever feel shame? Meanwhile at Yale the social justice pecksniffs protest a free-speech panel. Australia is going to try out a hip, cool, and groovy cloud-based virtual passport system. Think…



For the last few weeks I’ve been sitting on a couple of articles about Europe, Islam, and Western civilization, waiting for a moment to link them and talk about them. After Paris — again, Paris — this is as good a time as any for linking: ZeroHedge: “The Death of Europe.” National Review: “Is the West Slip, Slip, Slipping Away?” If Western civilization is dying, it’s slowly destroying itself from within. Murderous Islamists who won’t tolerate any views other than their own are merely the opportunistic barbarians at the gates. But there is no doubt that these savages, who come…