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Month: December 2015

The tip jar is on the counter

Well, gang. Sorry to say, but the tip jar is on the counter. Didn’t want to do it, but Amazon links just aren’t sizzling this season. They’re steady and November was a good month (though not a great November, if you get the difference). However, unless you all are planning to give car parts, door hinges, and electrical cable to your loved ones, there’s nary a sign of Christmas buying. If that means you’ve dropped out of rampant consumerism, I salute you. If that means you’re dead-flat busted, I hope your 2016 is better. Still, without Christmas sizzle to cover…


Sunday ramble

We’re expecting five storms in rapid sequence over the next week. Some of them hard and windy. So should I go offline at any time, don’t worry. It’s not the ATF, FBI, CIA, or NSA. Just Ma Nature.

This will be a good test of how well my tape job did on fixing Old Blue’s leaks. So far so good after a week of normal wet conditions. Few drops of water in the trunk, but no lakes, rivers, or waterfalls in the passenger compartment.

Another table

The library held a mosaics class one morning last month. While everybody else worked on wooden planks the teacher provided, I decided to do another table. Specifically this one:


Weekend links

In the wake of the foul jihadist murders in San Bernardino, we now have two new categories of weapons, according to politicians and the media. First comes “assault clothing” (H/T DB). Deadly outerwear is followed by “multi-automatic round weapons.” No word yet on what a M-ARW may be. Or on how clothing can kill. But be on the lookout for these new dangers. These are truly perilous times. “When ‘suspected’ is close enough.” Scott H. Greenfield is a little behind the curve in some of his information here. But his heart and head are certainly in the right place (Tip…


I give some hell to the New York Times

Yesterday, the New York Times did something it hasn’t done for 95 years. It printed an editorial on its front page. Last time it did that, it was 1920 and flappers and jazz were just becoming a “thing.” So you’d expect such an editorial to be full of new, original, powerful, unprecedented thinking, right? Um, well, yeah. Maybe not when it’s about guns. Over at TZP, I give the NYT a little hell. I expect I won’t be the only one.


Friday links

Jim Bovard tries to go home from making a speech and gets investigated as a terrorist bomber. Seems this adorable little drug “kingpin” learned her trade from her rough, tough, posturing DEA daddy. Yeah, I know there’s a difference between fantasizing and actually taking steps toward committing torture, murder, and cannibalism. But seems to me that when you use the power and tools of your profession to choose and track specific victims, you’ve crossed that line. I’ll bet the appeals court would have seen that clearly had Gilberto Valle been anything other than a cop. Washington, DC: 2161 pot busts…


An early look at Vin’s new novel: The Miskatonic Manuscript

The Miskatonic Manuscript by Vin Surprynowicz isn’t officially out yet. Release date is December 11, but I just received a beautiful hardcover review copy. The teaser on the dust jacket says in part: What if Rhode Island horror writer H.P. Lovecraft didn’t just imagine the “resonator” in his 1920 short story “From Beyond”? What if Henry Annesley actually built the machine that allowed him to see into the Sixth Dimension -– and allowed creatures from The Other Side to invade us here? … [And] “What if they fought a War on Drugs . . . and someone fought back?” Good…


Wednesday links

It’s long. It’s thorough. It’s a just-published Cato policy analysis by Dave Kopel on the costs and consequences of “gun control.” And in shorter, rougher language, El Neil excoriates those who would even ban useable information about firearms. (Found via Rational Review News) Canadian judge fines man $1 for growing pot. Oh, the times they are a changin’. (H/T MJR) OMG. This article about the addictive Internet is fascinating — until the author gets down to proposing “solutions.” Then it’s just creepy, and not because of what the developers are doing. Speaking of creepy, Chucky is far from the only…


Thank you

Well, I didn’t make it to the next level on Amazon. 🙁 Nevertheless, November was a good month and with the pending orders from the last few days, December is off to a healthy start. Thank you for that!


Tuesday links

I shouldn’t laugh. That’s an awful way to die. But at least his family can proudly accept his Darwin Award in his memory. The climate change people have been shouting, “The end is nigh!” Well, if they’re honest (big “if,” I know) the end is nigh — for them. Is this like leaving handy nooses tied to lamp posts? Or is it something very much else? Only the doers know right now. This guy never heard of backups? Fifteen years and not a single backup? I don’t know whether this is rare, as some say, or prevalent throughout parts of…