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Tuesday links


  1. MamaLiberty
    MamaLiberty May 24, 2016 12:28 pm

    There’s quite a bit of discussion about the future, both US and world, and what we might be facing in the years to come. But the bottom line is that nobody knows. We can make all sorts of wild guesses or reasoned/historically based conjectures, but nobody can really know what to expect.

    One or more catastrophic volcanoes and earthquakes, any number of extinction events or smaller natural disasters would certainly change all of the predictions in a short time.

    And one or more breakthrough inventions, discoveries could create a sea change of worldwide impact.

    But why does everyone seem to consider that the general trend will be toward the worst? In my lifetime, I’ve seen a net growth in individual liberty… for those who are willing to be self owners and self responsible. I’ve seen a great many people come to understand that, and abandon the collective nonsense they were raised with. The growth of homeschooling alone is a good indicator, since we know that the government school indoctrination is responsible for so much evil.

    The fact that more and more people are seeing the insanity of this parade of psychopaths and idiots running for “public office,” to the point where incredible numbers now plan to stay home… and thus actually vote “none of the above.” Without our consent, compliance, our would-be masters can only fade away.

    I will continue to see the glass as half full… and even see the level rise. Let’s not get lost in the doom and gloom. 🙂 I am prepared to survive a disaster or two, and well prepared to defend myself if needed, and I spend a lot of my time talking to people about freedom… starting with the glass half full. 🙂

  2. Bear
    Bear May 25, 2016 8:46 am

    Aside from equating the VA to a fun trip to an amusement park, the dumbass failed to notice that Disney et al go to considerable trouble to optimize their lines; because the more people they get through, the more money they make. Just another reason .gov is always the bad choice for anything.

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