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I was getting a little worried about the blog-foundation fundraiser. Four days and only $105 came in. While I appreciate every penny of that $105, I wondered, once again, if the goal was going to slip away.

Then today … $330 $350 $370. Whew!

Thank you to the very generous donors (who’ll be hearing from me soon). And thanks to MamaLiberty for promoting the fundraiser on her Price of Liberty blog.

I’m still awaiting several snailed donations — a couple that haven’t had time to make it here and one or two I’m beginning to worry about. So we shall see how this goes.

However it goes, bless all you great hearts for keeping this blog alive and helping move it to its new home. FYI, we won’t make the move until after my home wifi is back. But that’s only about three weeks now. Then … we’ll be ready to roll.


  1. Fred
    Fred July 27, 2016 7:10 am

    I don’t use pal pay, two bad experiences was enough. I missed it. How does one snail mail? I am a man of modest means but love the blog and your books, I can send a small amount.

  2. Claire
    Claire July 27, 2016 11:50 am

    Thank you, Fred. Look for an email from me with the snailing addy.

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